Thursday , 19 October 2017

What Do We Do?

THE Rural Woman Vision

Thriving, Healing, Evolving Rural Women

The Rural Woman Passion

Empowering THE Rural Women to Bloom Where They Are Planted

How we deliver our Vision and our Passion

THE COMPASS – a suite of multimedia tools meeting THE Rural Woman where she is at and empowering her journey to blooming where she is planted

THE Rural Woman Framework

The Virtues

THE Rural Woman Way


THE Compass guides us and enables us to connect, support and inspire and achieve our vision.

We seek to empower a cultural paradigm shift which provides rural women with a platform from which to speak and hear their voice and empowers them to thrive, heal, evolve and bloom where they are planted. We are empowering the creation and implementation of their own unique blueprint for blooming.

This includes: enabling rural women to share their voice and feel heard; for good news and information to be shared and empower the ‘bloom’

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter providing simple connections and blooming a community

THE Rural Woman Membership offers connection to a growing global community, like minded individuals and discounted access to the COMPASS tools and suite of programs and activities

THE RW Programs

Full BLOOM offers a 9 month immersive (and residential) coaching program for rural women

Enlivened Life E Course provides rural women the opportunity to take a step towards personal growth in THE Rural Woman nurturing online environment

THE Rural Woman Business Accelerator is a 6 week online program supporting rural women to start, grow or scale their businesses with a focus on mindset first, skill set second. Group calls weekly, 1 x 1:1 with Coach, 12 months of the Bloom program 6 modules of strategic action

THE Rural Woman’s Wealth Revolution is an 8 week online program empowering rural women with the tools to unlock limiting mindsets around money and providing them the skills to grow wealth. Weekly group calls, 8 modules of strategic action

THE RW Events

Festival of the Rural Woman (online event), celebrates and supports Rural Women with a 4 day feast of rural women blooming where they are planted

THE-Treats – are unique, highly customised events that provide both intensive support on specific topics as well as nurturing, and ‘treats’.

THE RW AGENCY  provides connection to our incredible network of talented rural women experts. Customisable coaching, mentoring, training and ‘done-for-you’ support in business, HR, marketing, sales, lead generation and capacity building for rural based businesses, corporations and organisations

Speaking we can provide incredible rural women speakers and presenters for your board room or your big stage

Unearthing THE Rural Woman – 1-5 day customised events and workshops

THE Rural Woman Unearthing Mentorships 

Speakers Mentorships

Writing Mentorships

THE RW Publishing

 Inspired Magazine we are proud to partner with Inspired to bring this beautiful publication to it’s growing national readership. We are excited to share the stories of our THE Rural Woman within it’s pages as well as provide opportunities for our partners and community members to share their message through the Inspired platforms

Future additions:

Inspired THE Rural Woman Travel Adventures: Bespoke Holistic and paradigm shifting inspired adventures specifically for Rural Women.

Living Local Growing Global: a movement to support rural women in business to love themselves, where they live and to make an impact in business. Incorporates events, e-courses, coaching programs, education and a product/service certification service (future)

We partner with individuals, corporate, organisations and communities to share and deliver THE Compass and to empower rural women to bloom where they are planted.

THE Rural Woman Values

We embrace and live the virtues

The inner compass guides the agile journey along the path of the Universal blueprint.  

We embrace the flow of being over doing, allowing ourselves to evolve with wisdom and grace

We are the evolution we nurture, as student and teacher and our tribe is our mirror

We invite the question as the key to the essence

Generosity is the keystone, there is always more than enough

Humility is our wisdom

We embody a deep respect for traditional wisdom

We embrace the inner child and default to freedom and joy

We check in with a commitment to hear the truth

We work with kindred only, seeking  genuine collaboration and mutual leveraging.  It is ok for people not to join us and for us to say no.

We are inquisitive

We choose

We shed to transform with a future focus on who we are becoming not who we have been

We are valued and rewarded when we are authentic and true to ourselves.

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