Thursday , 19 October 2017


As a busy Business Owner, why do Charity & Volunteer work?

I frequently get asked… “Why do you take on so much?”  And more recently “Why are you involved in the Relay for Life when you are running a business, managing staff, travelling to Sydney regularly for work and parenting two busy teenagers?” Around 5 years ago, as a business, we decided to enter a team into our local community Relay ... Read More »

Podcast – The Virtue of Generosity

Podcast Generosity Phoebe

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Phoebe Maroulis about Generosity. They explore questions including: – what does generosity mean for you – when have you felt – acted and received most generously…and then when have you not and what is the difference? – collaborating together often means you can be more ... Read More »

Full Bloom Mastermind Program

Full Bloom Mastermind Program 6th June – 28th February 2016 Business, Leadership & Personal Mastery Full Bloom is THE Rural Woman’s flagship 9 month Mastermind program specifically focused on empowering evolutionary personal, leadership and business transformation for rural women.   With an underlying focus on self-development and healing to evolve, this is a unique program that takes the rural woman on ... Read More »

Books to explore Procrastination

Emotional Freedom Techniques For Procrastination – Gloria Arenson Break free from the guilt and shame of not doing what needs to be done! EFT can rapidly eliminate the fears that hold you back. In ]EFT for Procrastination, psychotherapist Gloria Arenson shows you the hidden programs that lie in your subconscious, sabotaging your best intentions. Using dozens of real-life case histories ... Read More »

The First Steps To Healing Procrastination

Procrastination is a symptom of a greater belief system – the engine that is driving us, or limiting us from living the life we truly want. There are lots of ways that you can ‘manage’ procrastination: Time management To do lists Workplans Trickery Incentives There are lots of books that will teach you about procrastination – our partners at Booktopia ... Read More »

Generosity: At What Cost?

Have you ever over given? Have you given so much to someone or something else that you have depleted yourself of your very will to keep going? Have you given even when you didn’t have it to give? Was it worth it? What did you gain?   As we explore generosity this month at THE Rural Woman I encourage you ... Read More »

Books to explore Generosity

Books to explore generosity

The Renewal of Generosity, Illness, Medicine and How to Thrive by Arthur W Frank Through engaging narratives of illness, medical work, and nursing in which people choose to act in ways that affirm their humanity, “The Renewal of Generosity” depicts the transformation of demoralized medicine into caring relationships through generosity–generosity towards both others and oneself. Arthur Frank demonstrates how generosity ... Read More »

WHY Are We Giving Away A Month Of BLOOM?

Are You Ready To Bloom Free 29.2.16

Because we want you to experience what it’s all about. We know that sometimes ‘what we do’ (THE Rural Woman that is) can be a big hazy or a bit fuzzy or a bit perplexing, so we wanted you to have an inside snoop at what it’s all about. We are a very open book. Our mission is clear – ... Read More »

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