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Have you ever noticed when you are filled with enthusiasm and passion, your mind and body are so alive and excited?  This is ZEAL and the body feels invincible! What is zeal and how does it affect the body? Zeal is a great energy or enthusiasm to pursue a cause or objective. It can be shown in many ways from ... Read More »

Podcast – Patience in the Healing Journey with Hayley Wallace

Patience and the Healing Journey

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Hayley Wallace about patience and her healing journey. They explore questions including: * what does patience mean to you? * tell me more about what you are passionate about? * you healed yourself from cancer in 9 weeks, relatively speedy in terms of real time, but ... Read More »

Revenge of the Gut


Surely ok is good enough isn’t it?  I mean, I have had a bit of a rough life.  Twins is a big call and remember how much attention you got when I was stretched so far you couldn’t see your toes?  Full of baby, full of life.  You patted me, tenderly rubbed stretch cream into me and dreamt of the ... Read More »

Get Well Soon – Leaning into Healing


Influenza has struck our household, big time.  This has meant I have had to tell people I am crook.  Some of this sharing has been to explain why I can’t meet a commitment, why I can’t speak or why I am standing 10 metres from them. Some of the sharing has been to encourage others to do stuff for me ... Read More »

Adjusting the flow to find peace


Feedback from my previous post “Holding Back” makes me think my piece may have been a little unclear in its intent.  What I was trying to express was that inside us all are truths which need to be released, an inner knowing that yearns to be explored and set free and the more we grow and the more we ask questions of ourselves, ... Read More »

Zeal: For Good & For Bad – You Choose

zeal grafitti

The Dictionary defines Zeal as fervor Mothers sometimes wish their children had as much zeal for their homework as they have for playing computer games. If zeal is related to passion or enthusiasm then I can see how it can be used for both good and bad. While I was looking into this subject, it dawned on me that I ... Read More »

The Power Of Understanding

Podcast Power of Understanding

In this edition of THE Rural Woman Conversations and Connections; THE Rural Woman Co-Founder Rebel Black speaks with Carrie Thomson-Casey – the Abnormal Psychologist, about The Power Of Understanding. Carrie is a practicing clinical psychologist and has a practice based in north western NSW as well as being the owner of Three Apples Organics – a delicious organic produce store! ... Read More »

5 Simple Steps to bring Silence into Your Life

Silence creates peace

All these random sounds of daily living – the machines, gadgets and people around us – they get in the way of our calm! They disrupt our peace of mind, make it difficult to concentrate, mess with our flow and put ‘bristles’ in our energy fields! And this happens day after day after day after day after….. (you get the ... Read More »

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