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An Affirmation For Simplicity

cup of tea

An Affirmation For Simplicity I embrace the virtue of simplicity into my every day. I find joy in the simple things and take time to reflect on the abundance and beauty in my life. I enjoy each moment. I create space in my life for reflection and deep contemplation. I am free from the need to clutter my life. I seek ... Read More »

Health Wealth: The Puzzle Pieces To Get It Together!


To achieve anything we need to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. It does hurt, it’s uncomfortable and makes us squirm in our seats, our feelings may get hurt and our emotions tell us to stop. This level of pain is different for everyone; some of us are risk takers while others are quite happy to go along with everyday ... Read More »

The Richness Of Small Towns & Whole Living


Do you live a rich life? I often hear and use the term “a rich life” but I haven’t really stopped to ask what it means. So what does it mean? For me, it is about living whole.  Showing up as you, in all your magnificence, but also being real enough to allow the not so magnificent bits to show ... Read More »

The Rural Woman’s Right To Wealth


It is apt that the very first theme for THE RW is about WEALTH. Why not start with a topic that creates such controversy and that raises so many ‘issues’ for rural women? When I asked rural women what ‘wealth’ meant to them, they started their sentences with things like ‘ oh I think of wealth as being not about ... Read More »

Stitching A Fresh Seam

Jane Milburn exhibition

It seems ironic to be writing about growing wealth since I’m working everyday this year just for the love of it. Wealth is not only measured in dollars and ownership of stuff – it can be experiences, relationships, chasing dream goals and heart stones. I sailed out of the financial safe-harbour of a communications role nearly two years ago when ... Read More »

Simple Wealth Creation For Rural Women

Zoe Lamont Apr 2010

FREE WEBINAR: Simple Wealth Creation For Rural Women We are super excited to reveal that the gorgeous Zoe Lamont, the founder of the award winning 10 Thousand Girl Campaign will be our guest webinar presenter in June! Zoe will join THE RW Founder, Rebel Black, for an inspiring discussion during which Zoe will provide amazing insights as well as useful, practical ... Read More »

Sick Days = A High Cost to Employers Wealth


I have recently been participating in a transformation journey with an Abundance Coach called Christie Marie Sheldon. During one of the sessions she speaks about “How does your garden grow?”, this inspired me to transfer her teachings into a business format. See, I have been in business for over 20 years and one of the largest costs to my business ... Read More »

Literally Growing Wealth, Health and Abundance In The Backyard


To me, wealth is not just about my bank balance. Wealth represents health, knowledge, the availability of choices and freedom. I believe access to healthy food is the greatest indicator of true wealth. We all have the ability, choice and freedom to create a wealth of healthy food through growing our own healthy food in our back yards, on balconies, ... Read More »

Is there a growing gap between the rich and poor in NZ?


Media in New Zealand reminds me all too often that gaps between the poor and the wealthy are growing exponentially. Back in March a Herald-DigiPoll survey revealed that nearly three-quarters of New Zealanders believe the gap between rich and poor has increased under six years of National Government and almost two-thirds feel they are no better off or have gone ... Read More »

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