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Embracing life on it’s own terms we are open to what is rather than wishing for something different. We face the truth in all circumstances with honesty and courage. Acceptance helps us to bend without breaking in the winds of tests. To gather the lessons to step forward with new wisdom and awareness. We affirm others and ourselves for the ... Read More »



Patience is quiet hope and faithfulness that things will turn out right. We trust the process of life, we are not hasty, we do not rush or allow ourselves to be overcome by pressure. Patience helps us to endure things we cannot control with a peaceful heart. We respond to mistakes or delays not with judgement but with gentleness. We ... Read More »

Excellence Is Not Perfection


Excellence – what a great topic to discuss. According to the dictionary, excellence is ‘the fact or state of excelling’. In Wikipedia ‘Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. It is also used as a standard of performance’. John Kanary, who worked with Bob Proctor, stated that ‘Excellence is a commitment to completion’. ... Read More »


CH zeal

Zeal is passion for a purpose we deeply value. We follow a vision of what is possible with enthusiasm and ardor. When we are zealous we give our all. Zeal is fueled by our belief and faith. We do all that we can to serve a cause we believe to be real and true. We need tolerance for our ballast ... Read More »

Defining THE


The unfolding of THE Rural Woman has been, for both of us, an outward representation of the inward journey we are undertaking. The business and all it stands for encompasses all our desires, our struggles, our dreams and aspirations and our deepest fears. Within the framework of THE Rural Woman we have been able, both individually and collaboratively, to genuinely ... Read More »



Is having faith in ourselves and in life. We feel capable and competent. We trust that we have the strength to cope with what ever happens. When we are confident in others, we believe in them and rely on them. We build self-confidence as we learn from our mistakes and improve for the better. Confidence brings the strength to try ... Read More »

Lifes Threads Forgiveness, Understanding and Acceptance

Threads of Life

Recently I was able to create a magic space for myself to be alone.  Away from family and friends, and deliciously, (but with a tremendous amount of angst over how I would cope), away from phone and internet.  For 18 hours it was just me and my thoughts, sitting by the river, watching the pelicans feed, without interruption, without the need ... Read More »



Forgiveness is overlooking mistakes and letting go of resentments. Forgiveness frees us from the needless pain of reliving a hurt over and over. Forgiveness doesn’t make a wrong choice right, it brings the generosity of spirit to release it. Forgiveness can heal even the most grievous offence, it brings blessed opportunities for a clean start. Accepting divine forgiveness transforms our ... Read More »

The Power Of Understanding

Podcast Power of Understanding

In this edition of THE Rural Woman Conversations and Connections; THE Rural Woman Co-Founder Rebel Black speaks with Carrie Thomson-Casey – the Abnormal Psychologist, about The Power Of Understanding. Carrie is a practicing clinical psychologist and has a practice based in north western NSW as well as being the owner of Three Apples Organics – a delicious organic produce store! ... Read More »



Understanding is having clear insight into ideas and feelings. We thoughtfully seek to comprehend the full truth. We are mindful of what is most important. We are deeply present to others with compassion and accuracy, helping them to discern their own clarity. We go the extra mile to put ourselves in another’s shoes in order to forgive. We treasure knowledge ... Read More »

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