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Books For Understanding

Books to explore Understanding

Undersatnding Exposure by Bryan Peterson With more than 350,000 copies sold, Understanding Exposure has demystified the complex concepts of exposure for countless photographers. Now updated with current technologies, more than one hundred new images, and an all-new chapter, this new edition will inspire you more than ever to free yourself from “auto” and create the pictures you truly want. In ... Read More »

Letting go of external attachments


My May cleansing and shedding project is already proving far more rewarding and far more challenging than I had imagined. I wanted to ease myself in, so my shoes seemed like a good place to start, but wow, what a can of worms! I don’t consider myself to be excessive in my wardrobe, but I feel I have enough to ... Read More »

Adjusting the flow to find peace


Feedback from my previous post “Holding Back” makes me think my piece may have been a little unclear in its intent.  What I was trying to express was that inside us all are truths which need to be released, an inner knowing that yearns to be explored and set free and the more we grow and the more we ask questions of ourselves, ... Read More »

Preparing for Love through understanding


Preparing for Modern Day Love and a partnership commitment as we mature are based on different priorities and emotions than before. When we arrive at this juncture in our biography relationship happiness now becomes a major focus of what we want a relationship to bring us. “What does relationship and happiness look like?” and “What qualities are required in another ... Read More »

Lifes Threads Forgiveness, Understanding and Acceptance

Threads of Life

Recently I was able to create a magic space for myself to be alone.  Away from family and friends, and deliciously, (but with a tremendous amount of angst over how I would cope), away from phone and internet.  For 18 hours it was just me and my thoughts, sitting by the river, watching the pelicans feed, without interruption, without the need ... Read More »

Dancing in the rain


I have moved…again!  There is excitement and anticipation tied up in moving.  An energy that somehow got me through, but ultimately it is exhausting.  The physical is expected.   Packing boxes, moving furniture, cleaning the oven in the house you are leaving, cleaning the oven in the house you arrive to, it makes me weary thinking about it again. The mental is to ... Read More »

Understand your just not funny!

That's not funny.

Is there such thing as just not funny or is it totally subjective?  My recent post about depth and meaning in conversation has converged with another topic which fascinates me – the role of humour in conversation and what happens when humour is not your thing. My husband, and I have quite different views on humour.  Often he will comment ... Read More »

The Power Of Understanding

Podcast Power of Understanding

In this edition of THE Rural Woman Conversations and Connections; THE Rural Woman Co-Founder Rebel Black speaks with Carrie Thomson-Casey – the Abnormal Psychologist, about The Power Of Understanding. Carrie is a practicing clinical psychologist and has a practice based in north western NSW as well as being the owner of Three Apples Organics – a delicious organic produce store! ... Read More »

Australian Stories Inspire Understanding

Australian Story Pic

I was fortunate to see two incredible Australian Stories whilst eating lunch this week – I love it when the universe delivers the reminders you need, without you having to ask out loud! Both were perfect insights on the topic of UNDERSTANDING. The first was a story called Mum’s the Word – an uplifting yarn about a mother – Shelly Argent,. who started ... Read More »



Understanding is having clear insight into ideas and feelings. We thoughtfully seek to comprehend the full truth. We are mindful of what is most important. We are deeply present to others with compassion and accuracy, helping them to discern their own clarity. We go the extra mile to put ourselves in another’s shoes in order to forgive. We treasure knowledge ... Read More »

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