Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Podcast – The Simplicity Of Social Media with Heidi Wright

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Heidi Wright about The Simplicity Of Social Media.  They explore questions including: * what does simplicity mean to you? * with is social media and why is it important for businesses? * social media seems complicated – there are so many options and as a small ... Read More »

Podcast – The Simplicity Of Buying Nothing New With Tamara Di Mattina

simplicity of buying nothing new connections and conversations

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks to Tamara Di Mattina about Simplicity and Buy Nothing New Month. They explore questions including: The Simplicity of Buying Nothing New – how did ‘buy nothing new month get started’ – what’s your personal journey the simplicity of not always buying new things – is not ... Read More »

The Simplicity Of Buying Nothing New!

Buy Nothing New A1

  The global movement for collective, conscious consumption started in Melbourne, and spread across the world, with pledgers from Newtown to New York, South Africa to South America. Good for us, our wallets our people and our planet, Buy Nothing New Month it’s easy, creative, fun and free. Sydney Morning Herald Business section ran a poll asking “is Buy Nothing ... Read More »

The Simplicity Of Coming Home

As I sit here, surrounded by boxes and bags of belongings still waiting to be unpacked, it feels a tad fraudulent to be writing about simplicity, but I will – because the quest for a simpler life is the reason these bags were packed. Two years ago I was sitting at my new desk, in my coveted new role in ... Read More »

Podcast – Simplifying Parenting with Jo Jackson King

simplicity parenting podcast pic

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks to best selling author and inspiring rural woman Jo Jackson King about the Simplicity of Parenting. They explore questions including: Simplifying Parenting – what does simplicity mean to you? – how do you apply simplicity in areas of your life? – they always say there is ... Read More »

Books To Explore Simplicity

The Wisdom of Tuscany by Ferenc Máté Sun-drenched Tuscany is synonymous with the ideal life. But it didn’t happen by chance. Since the Etruscans, the Tuscans have treated their breathtaking countryside with sagacious respect and, in hamlets and hill towns, have built a culture of simplicity, beauty, neighborliness, good food, and a love of daily life. Ferenc Mate, a Tuscan ... Read More »

Giving Up The Strive For Pride


I miss my Pa. I miss him every day in some way and I wish sometimes he was here – so I could know he was proud of me and so I could ask his advice, because I have realised, that feeling his pride and gaining his support, has been a big part of my own journey and without him ... Read More »

False economies and generosity


I can feel my adrenaline levels escalating.  This process of cleansing which I thought would be quite straight forward, albeit requiring a little discipline, is proving to be a monster. Tackling my inbox yesterday was really arduous and today my inbox is already stuffed with content from a whole range of different people.  It is going to take time to work through ... Read More »

Emails should be like autumn leaves


Today’s focus for cleansing has been my Inbox and boy, has that been a challenge! Most of what comes into my inbox via email subscriptions is relevant and of interest, if not right in this moment, perhaps at some time in the future, so it is really hard to cut the supply and my mind asks why should I, its ... Read More »

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