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Success Is Not About Leadership

do what is right

I woke up this morning with a burning desire to express this; the evolution of the world does not rely on women succeeding by being in positions of leadership and authority – but by women AND men rising in their own unique personal power. Power is NOT a dirty word; we have judged it so. Power is the strength within, the ... Read More »

It All Starts With You

nail biting confidence

I’m an airforce brat.  I was born in Singapore to NZ parents.  My first move was when I was six months old and it seems I’ve been moving ever since. Sometimes it was just a house, sometimes a suburb, a few times countries (4) but often it was towns and States. At last count it was about 27 times in ... Read More »

Dancing in the rain


I have moved…again!  There is excitement and anticipation tied up in moving.  An energy that somehow got me through, but ultimately it is exhausting.  The physical is expected.   Packing boxes, moving furniture, cleaning the oven in the house you are leaving, cleaning the oven in the house you arrive to, it makes me weary thinking about it again. The mental is to ... Read More »

Gossip and the Right of Reply


As social beings we must experience interactions with others.  The intention, obviously, is to make these interactions rewarding and fulfilling.  Encounters that feed the soul.  But what happens when an interaction or action, something you say or do in the company of one person gets passed on in a modified form in someone else’s interactions down the track.  When you make ... Read More »

WOW Conference

INFORMATION FLYER AND REGISTRATION FORMS - WOW Western NSW Regional Women's Conference & Awards 2014  pdf-page-0

There is nothing quite like taking some time our for yourself to re-boot, refresh and to spend time with like minded individuals! The WOW (Women Out West) Conference in Dubbo on 28-29 November, is going to be an incredible event packed with really insightful, wise and generous speakers – including THE RW co-founder Rebel Black. Rebel will join a line up ... Read More »

It’ll Come To Pass – Jess Ribeiro and The Bone Collectors

A beautiful piece by Jess Ribeiro and The Bone Collectors When Jess Ribeiro unofficially released her debut album” My Little River” in Darwin she didn’t think that by the following year it would be acknowledged nationally, re-released and become an AIR (Australian Independent Recordings) award winning album, ABC Radio National Album of the year, and also a finalist in the ... Read More »

Canteen Duty Can Be Fun

Contributing to something beyond yourself is key to living a rich and fulfilling life, but only if you do so in a healthy way.  This video explores methods of contributing to your community or others around you in a way that keeps you sane but better still in a way that can bring great joy and fulfilment. Read More »

A Message and Invitation To Entrepreneurial Rural Women

RBlack Home Page

The rural revolution is upon us – it is up to US to make the changes that need to be made. We cannot wait for others to do it for us – it is our responsibility to be brave and lead the charge to change our ways. If we are to really impact the world, in the way our hearts ... Read More »

Who We Are


We are entrepreneurial, spirited, incorrigible and courageous. We are the strong, humble, passionate, dedicated and open rural women who really, with all our being, want to make a difference in our communities and the world. We are small business owners, P&C presidents, farmers, committee members, aspiring politicians. We’re game changing employees, status quo challengers, we are the hippies and healers, ... Read More »

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