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Why People Don’t Go All In – in Life & in Business


I have been watching myself lately, wondering what is holding me back from REALLY going for it….embracing mass adoption and going ‘all in’ in my business, boots and all, no holds bar. And I got the answer this morning. It’s frickin’ terrifying AND I fear exposure and negative impact. I am afraid to polarise and I am scared of upsetting people. ... Read More »

Podcast: What’s Your Zeal

What's Your Zeal Image

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks ZEAL with Enlivened Life Coach Christy Cotroneo! They explore questions including: 1. Zeal is described as a ‘great energy or enthusiasm’ in pursuit of a cause or an objective – what do you have zeal for? 2. How has Zeal helped you through tough times? 3. ... Read More »

Books To Explore Forgiveness

Books to explore forgiveness

My People’s Dreaming by Max Dulumunum A rare, personal insight into the traditional teachings of an elder of the Yuin people (South Coast, NSW). ′Uncle′ Max, as he is widely known, has been sharing his cultural knowledge for over 30 years – in that time taking more than 6000 people from all walks of life onto country and explaining Aboriginal ... Read More »

Entrepreneurial Accountability


The truth is that I have written the outline of several books, 3/4 developed dozens of ‘ecourses’ and created so much valuable content in the past 15 years that it’s ridiculous. I mean I have seriously got tens of thousands of words/pages and ideas that are gathering virtual dust in my ‘dropbox’ that’s heaving! There have been so many things I ... Read More »

Books To Explore Accountability

books to explore accountability

How to set outcomes and achieve your wildest dreams by Tori Ufondu How to Set Outcomes & Achieve Your Wildest Dreams is a practical workbook created to help you get what you want from life. If you never seem to accomplish the goals you set or need help getting bigger and better life results, this workbook is for you. Starting ... Read More »

Festival of THE Rural Woman

festival postcard

Festival of THE Rural Woman is a completely FREE Annual Global Online Event celebrating, inspiring and empowering  (THE) Thriving, Healing, Evolving rural women of the world! Run just like a face-to-face festival and completely online, we are inviting a stunningly diverse line up of rural women speakers, artists, entrepreneurs, healers, activists, farmers, community advocates, social change makers, creatives, practitioners, innovators ... Read More »

Let Go The Warrior


It’s time to give up the fight. It’s time to put down the battle. You are ready to be brave and courageous but without the need to be at war. With everyone and everything. Let go. Be free. Find peace. My heart cries this every day. My heart cries it for me and it cries it for you. Rural woman. ... Read More »

Salt Of The Earth; What About Salts For A Bath

salt of the earth

My family and I spent 13 wonderful years in Barcaldine, a small county town, located in Central West Queensland and it would have to have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. The friends I made during our time out west still remain my closest, with one being as close as any sister could be, and two ... Read More »

Can We Be Generous In Our Duty Of Care?


According to Wikipedia, Generosity means: “The art if giving without expecting anything in return. It can relate to money, time, or goods”. Other words implied by generosity include; abundance, plentiful, copious, amplitude, lavishness, infinity or opulence. I learnt through NLP that ‘Giving without expectation is the True art of Giving”. “ Giving with an expectation is Trading”. So in that ... Read More »

The Stock Route Classroom

mmckeesick cows

Rural women understand, perhaps more so than their urban counterparts, that our ability to thrive, our health and ultimately our entrepreneuriaship  have roots in the natural world around us. A flourishing environment, with its multitude of symbiotic and harmonious ecosystems, is the basis of our being. Too often the media is led astray with sensational headlines and raucous calls from ... Read More »

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