Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Emails should be like autumn leaves


Today’s focus for cleansing has been my Inbox and boy, has that been a challenge! Most of what comes into my inbox via email subscriptions is relevant and of interest, if not right in this moment, perhaps at some time in the future, so it is really hard to cut the supply and my mind asks why should I, its ... Read More »

Adjusting the flow to find peace


Feedback from my previous post “Holding Back” makes me think my piece may have been a little unclear in its intent.  What I was trying to express was that inside us all are truths which need to be released, an inner knowing that yearns to be explored and set free and the more we grow and the more we ask questions of ourselves, ... Read More »

The power in being

The power of being in becoming

I wonder about butterflies….often.  So much about the transformation from grub to thing of remarkable beauty, fascinates me.  Is it because I can relate to the journey? I would imagine that the butterfly is beyond the wildest imaginings of the caterpillar, but yet – there must be a knowing, an inbuilt guide that takes the little grub on this remarkable ... Read More »

Truth In Storytelling

Truth in Storytelling

In this edition of THE Rural Woman Conversations and Connections; THE Rural Woman Co-Founder Rebel Black speaks with Jennifer Thompson, a story seeker who supports people to find their voice and be heard. Jennifer and Rebel dive into the topic of truth, using story telling as a guide. Jennifer combines Strengths Based Community Development with Narrative Therapy and Digital Story telling ... Read More »

The Power Of Understanding

Podcast Power of Understanding

In this edition of THE Rural Woman Conversations and Connections; THE Rural Woman Co-Founder Rebel Black speaks with Carrie Thomson-Casey – the Abnormal Psychologist, about The Power Of Understanding. Carrie is a practicing clinical psychologist and has a practice based in north western NSW as well as being the owner of Three Apples Organics – a delicious organic produce store! ... Read More »

Gossip and the Right of Reply


As social beings we must experience interactions with others.  The intention, obviously, is to make these interactions rewarding and fulfilling.  Encounters that feed the soul.  But what happens when an interaction or action, something you say or do in the company of one person gets passed on in a modified form in someone else’s interactions down the track.  When you make ... Read More »

Canteen Duty Can Be Fun

Contributing to something beyond yourself is key to living a rich and fulfilling life, but only if you do so in a healthy way.  This video explores methods of contributing to your community or others around you in a way that keeps you sane but better still in a way that can bring great joy and fulfilment. Read More »

Sometimes You Have To Ask the Tough Question AND Listen


We all know what health and wellbeing is about don’t we? Eating good wholesome foods, getting plenty of exercise and controlling our weight. There is one that often gets overlooked. Being mentally healthy. While TheRW is about positivity, this article probably isn’t. A major issue in rural Australia is suicide. Recently I had a conversation about this topic with a ... Read More »

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