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Truthful Baseline

If you don’t know where you are, how can you know where you are going? I began the year 2016 with a focus on fitness, fat loss and learning the truth of performance and progress. Somewhere along the way I forgot (again) the learnings of January/February which was “What gets measured improves” Robin Sharma.  Each day I was running or doing ... Read More »



Have you ever noticed when you are filled with enthusiasm and passion, your mind and body are so alive and excited?  This is ZEAL and the body feels invincible! What is zeal and how does it affect the body? Zeal is a great energy or enthusiasm to pursue a cause or objective. It can be shown in many ways from ... Read More »

Podcast – Patience in the Healing Journey with Hayley Wallace

Patience and the Healing Journey

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Hayley Wallace about patience and her healing journey. They explore questions including: * what does patience mean to you? * tell me more about what you are passionate about? * you healed yourself from cancer in 9 weeks, relatively speedy in terms of real time, but ... Read More »

Revenge of the Gut


Surely ok is good enough isn’t it?  I mean, I have had a bit of a rough life.  Twins is a big call and remember how much attention you got when I was stretched so far you couldn’t see your toes?  Full of baby, full of life.  You patted me, tenderly rubbed stretch cream into me and dreamt of the ... Read More »

Zeal: For Good & For Bad – You Choose

zeal grafitti

The Dictionary defines Zeal as fervor Mothers sometimes wish their children had as much zeal for their homework as they have for playing computer games. If zeal is related to passion or enthusiasm then I can see how it can be used for both good and bad. While I was looking into this subject, it dawned on me that I ... Read More »

Are You Worth It?


You are worth it! Running really is changing women’s lives. Like so many other women out there, I juggle many ‘hats’ and I’ll be honest: it’s exhausting trying to keep everyone around me happy and cared for. That’s the truth in a nutshell. I am no Superwoman. I decided, 13 years ago, that I needed to do something that was ... Read More »

Forgiveness Is About A New Future


The movie “Railway Man” is a remarkable story of forgiveness. It shares the story of Eric Lomax, a British Officer captured by the Japanese in Singapore and sent to a POW camp where he is forced to work on the Thai-Burma Railway.  During his time there, he is singled out and brutally tortured. Years later, he is still suffering from ... Read More »

Sick Days = A High Cost to Employers Wealth


I have recently been participating in a transformation journey with an Abundance Coach called Christie Marie Sheldon. During one of the sessions she speaks about “How does your garden grow?”, this inspired me to transfer her teachings into a business format. See, I have been in business for over 20 years and one of the largest costs to my business ... Read More »

Literally Growing Wealth, Health and Abundance In The Backyard


To me, wealth is not just about my bank balance. Wealth represents health, knowledge, the availability of choices and freedom. I believe access to healthy food is the greatest indicator of true wealth. We all have the ability, choice and freedom to create a wealth of healthy food through growing our own healthy food in our back yards, on balconies, ... Read More »

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