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Podcast – Forgiveness & Succession Planning with Ayesha Hilton

Forgiveness & Succession Planning

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks to Ayesha Hilton about Forgiveness and Succession Planning   They explore questions including: 1. why do you think people avoid the conversation about succession planning? 2. what are we REALLY talking about with succession planning? Is it something deeper? 3. What is a successful succession plan 4. what are ... Read More »

Forgiveness For Drug Free Physical Healing


I shared an amazing afternoon and evening with the ‘birds’ at Birdnest HQ earlier this month; not just an awesome and totally indulgent shopping experience, but a beautiful connection to rural women, working in a rural business blooming where they are planted. Before each of the You Are Enough sessions I always ask people to set their intention and ensure ... Read More »

Are You Finding It Difficult To Forgive Someone?


From the many life experiences we have, forgiveness is probably the most challenging one of all. So what does it really mean to forgive? To forgive is to pardon or excuse an action, experience or circumstance. Therefore, to have forgiveness is to have mercy, compassion and understanding for that action, experience or circumstance. It sounds easy doesn’t it…..but there is ... Read More »

Healing Through Forgiveness After Sticking Your Hand In A Blender


Last night I cut my finger very deeply on the blade of my blender. In what can only be described as ‘haste’ to clean and ‘ridiculous, should have known better’ activity; I had my hand in the bottom of the blender cleaning it….stabbed myself with the very, very sharp blade. It cut deeply, drew blood and hurt. Enter forgiveness. My ... Read More »

Books To Explore Forgiveness

Books to explore forgiveness

My People’s Dreaming by Max Dulumunum A rare, personal insight into the traditional teachings of an elder of the Yuin people (South Coast, NSW). ′Uncle′ Max, as he is widely known, has been sharing his cultural knowledge for over 30 years – in that time taking more than 6000 people from all walks of life onto country and explaining Aboriginal ... Read More »

Family Forgiveness

Co-Founder of THE Rural Woman Rebel Black speaks with her Mum Leigh Black, registered nurse and personal trainer. Together they explore questions including: 1. we have had some interesting discussions about forgiveness and what it is – what is it for you? 2. There are two sides to forgiveness – do you think an apology is needed to truly bring state of ... Read More »

Country Conflict – Why Is It Different?


Country people can’t avoid one another.  Whether it’s in business or social life, sooner or later they have to be civil with pretty much everyone in the district and beyond. When things go wrong – fires, floods, accidents and illnesses – they need to be able to depend on one another. For country people, relationships and reputations are the foundations ... Read More »

Lifes Threads Forgiveness, Understanding and Acceptance

Threads of Life

Recently I was able to create a magic space for myself to be alone.  Away from family and friends, and deliciously, (but with a tremendous amount of angst over how I would cope), away from phone and internet.  For 18 hours it was just me and my thoughts, sitting by the river, watching the pelicans feed, without interruption, without the need ... Read More »

Forgiveness Is About A New Future


The movie “Railway Man” is a remarkable story of forgiveness. It shares the story of Eric Lomax, a British Officer captured by the Japanese in Singapore and sent to a POW camp where he is forced to work on the Thai-Burma Railway.  During his time there, he is singled out and brutally tortured. Years later, he is still suffering from ... Read More »



Forgiveness is overlooking mistakes and letting go of resentments. Forgiveness frees us from the needless pain of reliving a hurt over and over. Forgiveness doesn’t make a wrong choice right, it brings the generosity of spirit to release it. Forgiveness can heal even the most grievous offence, it brings blessed opportunities for a clean start. Accepting divine forgiveness transforms our ... Read More »

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