Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Can We Be Generous In Our Duty Of Care?


According to Wikipedia, Generosity means: “The art if giving without expecting anything in return. It can relate to money, time, or goods”. Other words implied by generosity include; abundance, plentiful, copious, amplitude, lavishness, infinity or opulence. I learnt through NLP that ‘Giving without expectation is the True art of Giving”. “ Giving with an expectation is Trading”. So in that ... Read More »

Sometimes You Have To Ask the Tough Question AND Listen


We all know what health and wellbeing is about don’t we? Eating good wholesome foods, getting plenty of exercise and controlling our weight. There is one that often gets overlooked. Being mentally healthy. While TheRW is about positivity, this article probably isn’t. A major issue in rural Australia is suicide. Recently I had a conversation about this topic with a ... Read More »

Even Small Farmers Are A Cog In The Global Economy


When we bought our farm almost a year ago, in actual fact the state of the global economy was something my husband and I had to consider. I wanted to buy a farm because I’ve always been a farm girl. Even as a kid I was always actively involved in land-based activities from chores, to mustering to riding horses.  Despite ... Read More »

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