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The Virtue of Truthfullness


Truth is the bedrock of integrity on which we build all our other virtues. It is an ongoing commitment to live by what is real, authentic and true for us. We make realistic decisions. We do not lie, cheat or deceive. We tell the truth kindly, our words and actions are trustworthy, our promise is our bond. We do not allow ... Read More »

An Affirmation For Simplicity

cup of tea

An Affirmation For Simplicity I embrace the virtue of simplicity into my every day. I find joy in the simple things and take time to reflect on the abundance and beauty in my life. I enjoy each moment. I create space in my life for reflection and deep contemplation. I am free from the need to clutter my life. I seek ... Read More »

A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]


Keeping Gardening Simple The first thing I ever grew was an old concrete wash tub (double) full of stunted sunflowers. Before then, gardening at our house had been mainly the domain of Mum and my Pa who had control of the veggie patch. He mainly just allowed us every now and then to drop a seed into a drill or help with ... Read More »

Corporate Social Responsibility: Not Just For The Big Guys

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility That’s just for big national and multinational companies isn’t it? Actually no. Much has been written on the topic – some pointing out the negatives and some the positives. A range of economic theories and sociological double speak. This blog isn’t meant to be a treatise on Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR), but is more about how ... Read More »

Humanity In Farming


The relevance of human touch in farming While the words human touch and farming are not normally found within the same sentence I consider that these two notions are in fact synonymous with each other. Here in New Zealand the human touch applies to everyday farming practices, it is the underlying factor in the amount of coin to ultimately line ... Read More »

The Ripple – Effecting Positive Change

ripple image

A small stone lands in the middle of a still river. Where it lands you can see the concentric circles rippling outwards in perfect symmetry. As the stone journeys weightlessly down through the water, the circles on the surface get bigger and bigger the farther from the source they get. They gain speed, definition, and momentum, until finally; they meet ... Read More »

Even Small Farmers Are A Cog In The Global Economy


When we bought our farm almost a year ago, in actual fact the state of the global economy was something my husband and I had to consider. I wanted to buy a farm because I’ve always been a farm girl. Even as a kid I was always actively involved in land-based activities from chores, to mustering to riding horses.  Despite ... Read More »

Contribute to THE RW


Do you want to feature on the best site for rural women on the www? THE RW is always looking for new contributors!   What are we after? Our mission is to provide articles and features for entrepreneurial rural women that will motivate, inspire, educate and empower them in their daily lives, community, businesses and workplaces. We connect with rural ... Read More »

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