Tuesday , 21 November 2017

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Replacing ‘Sorry’ With Thank You: Positive Patience

thank you for your patience

“Thank you for your patience” has been a more common expression these days, replacing the “Sorry for the Wait”, which probably aggravated a few people over time. The Macquarie Dictionary says ‘Patience’ is ‘calm and uncomplaining endurance’. It is to have a sense of ‘calmness in waiting; have patience a little longer’. When we use the word ‘sorry’ it is ... Read More »

On Life Is Hard


We live into our landscape. Our beliefs are borne from our environment and they drive our thoughts which in turn move our words and motivate our actions. “We create by thoughts, deeds, actions” Neale Donald Walsh In rural Australia we live and breathe the boom and bust. It’s in our land and it’s in our language. “It never rains but it ... Read More »

Who We Are


We are entrepreneurial, spirited, incorrigible and courageous. We are the strong, humble, passionate, dedicated and open rural women who really, with all our being, want to make a difference in our communities and the world. We are small business owners, P&C presidents, farmers, committee members, aspiring politicians. We’re game changing employees, status quo challengers, we are the hippies and healers, ... Read More »

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