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One Step To Confidence


In my experience, confidence is not something that you one day wake up with; it’s an evolutionary process and it comes from within. It is not something that someone hands you – like a crown or a trophy, it’s not a badge to wear; it’s not an attainment. It is a becoming. Or, rather it’s an unbecoming. Many of us ... Read More »

10 Tips To Feel Confident In Your Life


What is confidence? Confidence is sense of self,  and valuing who you feel you are. Many of us suffer from low confidence. Many of us rely on outside factors and influences to rule our lives and  gain confidence by having an important job, lots of relationships, a great car, or money to splash about, However, real positive confidence, free from ... Read More »

Revenge of the Gut


Surely ok is good enough isn’t it?  I mean, I have had a bit of a rough life.  Twins is a big call and remember how much attention you got when I was stretched so far you couldn’t see your toes?  Full of baby, full of life.  You patted me, tenderly rubbed stretch cream into me and dreamt of the ... Read More »

Connecting to Confidence a conversation with Lyn Sykes

Podcast Confidence Lyn Sykes

Co-Founder of THE Rural Woman Rebel Black speaks with Lyn Sykes, communication specialist and farm succession pioneer. Together they explore questions including: 1. How would you describe or define confidence? 2. How have you seen lack of confidence show up in people’s behaviour (in your work) and what impact does it have (eg on decision making, on communication) 3. How ... Read More »

The Importance Of Feeling Good by Lisa Phillips

feeling good

Is feeling good your general state of being? Or, like many of us, is it a feeling you occasionally dip into such as after a good night out or when you have treated yourself to a new outfit or a tasty? If so, you are not alone – most of us live in the state of ‘I will be happy ... Read More »

It All Starts With You

nail biting confidence

I’m an airforce brat.  I was born in Singapore to NZ parents.  My first move was when I was six months old and it seems I’ve been moving ever since. Sometimes it was just a house, sometimes a suburb, a few times countries (4) but often it was towns and States. At last count it was about 27 times in ... Read More »

Confidence is contagious, back yourself and help it spread


How good is the feeling of completely backing yourself!? It’s a rare feeling that is becoming more and more frequent as I go through the ups and downs of life. Making decisions has never been something that has come naturally for me (my family will vouch for me on this one!). Weighing up the pros and cons of everything, does ... Read More »

Evict the shoulds, let the dones move in


“I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won’t have to die. The truth is that you will die anyway”. Anne Lamott in “Bird by Bird” I cannot tell you how often the ideal in my head of how things should be stops me from trying things ... Read More »

Choosing Confidence

giraffe confidence

What an interesting topic this is. Why confidence? What does it feel like to be confident? I would imagine this has so many variables. Confidence to one person could be taking their first step while confidence to someone else is flying. When I was a young girl living on an orchard I really wanted to play tennis. Yvonne Goolagong was ... Read More »



Is having faith in ourselves and in life. We feel capable and competent. We trust that we have the strength to cope with what ever happens. When we are confident in others, we believe in them and rely on them. We build self-confidence as we learn from our mistakes and improve for the better. Confidence brings the strength to try ... Read More »

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