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The Power Of A Mentor & A Group: Accountability

group accountability

Sometimes we allow it to be hard to keep ourselves accountable, there is always something ‘better’ or more pressing ‘to do’ than the thing that we decided we were actually going to do – like eat well, move our body, grow the business, have that chat. We let ourselves off the hook when we think no-one is watching…so to speak! This ... Read More »

Delayed Gratification


Until recently, I haven’t ever been very good at delaying gratification; but I realised that part of what was holding me back in life was my impatience and my negative mindset about it and so I started to work on it. Good things come to those who wait You see I always saw delayed gratification as DENIAL or feared that ... Read More »

Defining Success: Unleashing THE Entrepreneur

Co-founder of THE Rural Woman Rebel Black speaks with Bianca Board of Web 123 . Bianca’s entrepreneurial roots run very rural, with her first businesses emerging in the NSW regional city of Wagga Wagga. From there she has grown serious wings and now has a global business that supports and empowers entrepreneurs to take control of the every changing online environment and ... Read More »

A Farm Girls Journey To Revolutionise Women’s Workwear


On trips to the local co-op store to buy supplies for the operation of our dairy farm, dad would also buy new workwear for himself, which included dark green shorts and overalls. I would follow my dad everywhere on the farm and of course wanted to do everything he did. So when we were at the co-op and I asked ... Read More »

Controversially You – Your Best Decision In Business


Relationships in business – and in life are critical. Without them, frankly, you don’t have a business…or a life. And there is so much literature and education out there teaching you HOW to do this…how to ‘do’ relationships that is…but is it helping? Do you still feel misunderstood? Do you still struggle with relationships? Is communication continually an issue for ... Read More »

Accountability = Productivity


Accountability is one of the most underestimated strategies for business owners. Lets face it when you work for employer accountability is just built in isn’t it? You don’t turn up on time and do the work you’re meant to be doing – there is usually an instant consequence.  You get reprimanded by your boss or work colleagues; you may even ... Read More »

Get Real: Personal Accountability & Business Growth

get real

I live in a country town. If you say you are going to do something – the simple fact is, you do it. The way that word gets around (a bit like Chinese whispers but super fast) can be dangerous. Your word is your bond. Your word is your reputation. You are accountable to it. This was the lesson I ... Read More »

Marketing Simplified – is that possible???


In a fast moving industry with more buzz words than most people would choose to poke a stick at – can marketing be simple? I believe the answer is yes. Anybody who has even been on somewhat of a health kick, diet, lifestyle change knows that this billion dollar industry can come up with some really creative concepts. However, regardless ... Read More »

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