Tuesday , 21 November 2017

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Confidence is contagious, back yourself and help it spread


How good is the feeling of completely backing yourself!? It’s a rare feeling that is becoming more and more frequent as I go through the ups and downs of life. Making decisions has never been something that has come naturally for me (my family will vouch for me on this one!). Weighing up the pros and cons of everything, does ... Read More »

Humanity In Farming


The relevance of human touch in farming While the words human touch and farming are not normally found within the same sentence I consider that these two notions are in fact synonymous with each other. Here in New Zealand the human touch applies to everyday farming practices, it is the underlying factor in the amount of coin to ultimately line ... Read More »

Even Small Farmers Are A Cog In The Global Economy


When we bought our farm almost a year ago, in actual fact the state of the global economy was something my husband and I had to consider. I wanted to buy a farm because I’ve always been a farm girl. Even as a kid I was always actively involved in land-based activities from chores, to mustering to riding horses.  Despite ... Read More »

Literally Growing Wealth, Health and Abundance In The Backyard


To me, wealth is not just about my bank balance. Wealth represents health, knowledge, the availability of choices and freedom. I believe access to healthy food is the greatest indicator of true wealth. We all have the ability, choice and freedom to create a wealth of healthy food through growing our own healthy food in our back yards, on balconies, ... Read More »

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