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Responding With Awareness: The Gift Of Personal Accountability

Responsibility.  Acceptance.  Honesty. Courage.  Commitment.  Choices. All of these words and many other descriptive tags are, for me, tangled up with the term accountability. According to Google dictionary, accountability is “the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility”.  It can be used in a range of contexts and is most often considered in terms of work, business, environmental or political ... Read More »

The Power Of A Mentor & A Group: Accountability

group accountability

Sometimes we allow it to be hard to keep ourselves accountable, there is always something ‘better’ or more pressing ‘to do’ than the thing that we decided we were actually going to do – like eat well, move our body, grow the business, have that chat. We let ourselves off the hook when we think no-one is watching…so to speak! This ... Read More »

Listen To The Universe: Be Accountable To Your Knowing


Yesterday I gave myself a good firm talking to; in the shower after a very sweaty sprinting session I said Rebel, it’s time you stopped flip flopping and make a decision. I was thinking about the shop I had decided to open. The decision had come on the 3rd January, when again, I asked the Universe for a sign as ... Read More »

Accountability Linked To Cause & Effect

What a great topic to start the year off. The Macquarie Dictionary says that ‘Accountability’ is being responsible. I am so excited to read that because I think one of my purposes on this planet is to teach people how they can achieve that. I worked on it for years. It’s a tough gig. I believe ‘Accountability’ and ‘Being Responsible’ ... Read More »

Books To Explore Accountability

books to explore accountability

How to set outcomes and achieve your wildest dreams by Tori Ufondu How to Set Outcomes & Achieve Your Wildest Dreams is a practical workbook created to help you get what you want from life. If you never seem to accomplish the goals you set or need help getting bigger and better life results, this workbook is for you. Starting ... Read More »

Dancing in the rain


I have moved…again!  There is excitement and anticipation tied up in moving.  An energy that somehow got me through, but ultimately it is exhausting.  The physical is expected.   Packing boxes, moving furniture, cleaning the oven in the house you are leaving, cleaning the oven in the house you arrive to, it makes me weary thinking about it again. The mental is to ... Read More »

Accountability = Productivity


Accountability is one of the most underestimated strategies for business owners. Lets face it when you work for employer accountability is just built in isn’t it? You don’t turn up on time and do the work you’re meant to be doing – there is usually an instant consequence.  You get reprimanded by your boss or work colleagues; you may even ... Read More »

Accountability In Leadership & Community Contribution


In this edition of THE Rural Woman Conversations and Connections, THE Rural Woman Co-Founder Rebel Black speaks with Mary Brell from Keys To Success. Mary is a remarkable rural women who has spent more than 30 years teaching and learning and contributing to her community locally and globally. Together Rebel and Mary explored the topic: Accountability in Leadership & Community Contribution ... Read More »

Get Real: Personal Accountability & Business Growth

get real

I live in a country town. If you say you are going to do something – the simple fact is, you do it. The way that word gets around (a bit like Chinese whispers but super fast) can be dangerous. Your word is your bond. Your word is your reputation. You are accountable to it. This was the lesson I ... Read More »



Accountability is the willingness to stand in responsibility for every choice. It is acting with integrity doing what we say we will do. When we make a mistake we do not seek to hide it or avoid it. We have the courage to face it willingly. We are open to the lessons it can bring and ready to make amends. ... Read More »

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