Sunday , 23 July 2017


Welcome HOME THE Rural Woman!

We (Phoebe and Rebel) are on a mission to help 1 million Rural Women – just like you, from around the globe, bloom where they are planted!

And the best way we know how to do that is to grow a community – and welcome you into the family, to converse and communicate with you, to share opportunities, to empower and nudge you and to share in your journey to living to your fullest potential…

It’s FREE to become a subscriber to THE Rural Woman – but it’s intensely valuable

Why Subscribe?

  • Well, first of all – you are part of the global THE Rural Woman family and there is nothing more nourishing and soul fulfilling than knowing you are part of a tribe of like-minded fellow life travelers -that YOU CHOOSE to connect with. Because, unlike our ‘real life’ families – this one is completely up to you to be a part of!
  • We are completely dedicated to connecting with RURAL WOMEN, so everything that we communicate comes with a rural heart and we know, as rural women, that is important.
  • As a family member you get access to a regular email nurture – sometimes inspiring, sometimes challenging, sometimes activating but always, always focused on YOU!
  • You will also get to know about amazing THE Rural Woman opportunities as they arise – events, activities, travel, products and updates…we are working round the clock to make some incredible delicious ‘being’ come to light and you will be the first to know – it’s the insiders guide!
  • Through the family you will be connecting with other Rural Women – on and offline – from all over the globe…which blows our socks of with excitement!

What will happen when I subscribe?

  • You will feel a little bubble of excitement in your tummy, because you just joined the family!
  • You will get a bouncy welcome email from us (after you approve your email)
  • You will start to get regular emails to your inbox encouraging, inspiring and motivating you to live into your life fully – and we will encourage you to connect on our social media too, because the party continues online!
  • You will start to see the world a little differently, if you read the emails – and take action!

How do I subscribe?

Enter your details below – and we will welcome you to the family with excitement!

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