Tuesday , 21 November 2017


THE RW founder Rebel Black has been inspiring, motivating and captivating audiences for her whole life. Her most memorable public speaking gig at age 17 included a rendition of Macbeth’s WitchesRBlack Home Page scene ‘double, double – boil and bubble..” and didn’t go down so well with the conservative Rotary audience, but set the scene early for the kind of ‘outside the box’ conversation she likes to inspire and her unique approach to getting an important message across.

Whether speaking to a large crowd or presenting an intimate workshop, Rebel combines her personal experiences of struggle and triumph with quirky and paradigm shifting stories from her home on the opalfields at Lightning Ridge and the collection of extraordinary experiences she has gathered through her business, travel and work experiences.  Rebel always shares a profound message of hope and ‘you are enough’ and incorporates humor, practical strategies and a deep reflection that both moves and energizes the audience.

Rebel’s speaking gigs have included intimate conversations and large stages and she is proud to have empowered women across Australia for Groupon, Birdsnest, Rabobank, NSW Business Connect, Dairy Australia, Rotary International, RIRDC, Influential Women, NSW DPI, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, NSW Arts and many, many community organisations.

Rebel Black Speaker Profile

If you would like to discuss Rebel speaking or presenting a workshop at your next event please email support@therw.biz


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