Tuesday , 21 November 2017

Podcast – Simplicity of The First Step – Journey of A Camel Trek with Kelly Cole

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black speaks with Kelly Cole herKelly Cole incredible camel trek across the desert and the lessons of simplicity. 

They explore questions including:

– tell us about how you came to be trekking across the desert with camels?

– what was the journey like?

– can you recall the first day – what were you feeling?

– it wouldn’t have been a simple matter; but how did you apply simplicity to the planning/preparation?

– what was it like shedding the trappings of modern day and living simply, with nature?

– what were the challenges – what were the joys?

– what simple truths did you discover about yourself – or others?

– what simple lessons do you carry with you still from that journey?



#personalgrowth #healthandwellbeing #virtues #simplicity

About Rebel Black

Rebel Black
In 2011 Rebel Black was named as one of the Top 10 Young And Influential People in Australia. She has a background in entrepreneurship, community development, consulting, journalism and rural/regional development. Rebel has successfully operated and launched 3 award winning businesses from the opal fields of Lightning Ridge, outback NSW and THE RW is her fourth and most exciting entrepreneurial development.


  1. Hi Rebel
    Have just listen end to your pod cast with Kelly Cole.
    She is an old, good friend and we have been trying to get in contact with her for a long time . Wondering if you can please pass on this request to her as we want to get back in touch. We are Beryl and Dave – and our email is detailed below – If she can touch base with us somehow we have lots to catch up with!!!! Thank you in anticipation !!

  2. Hi again Rebel – have sent you an email as requested – wondering if you were able to pass on our info to Kelly??

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