Tuesday , 21 November 2017


Support For Your Thriving, Healing, Evolving Journey & Particularly Your Senses!

We believe in the physicality of Thriving, Healing & Evolving and know that in order for us to bloom where we are planted, we must live into our lives as multi-sensory beings.

We know (from our own experiences) that activating our sight, smell, sound, taste, touch and intuition is imperative – for THE!

Where we haven’t yet (or aren’t able to) created great products that help rural women experience multi-sensory Thriving, Healing & Evolving, we partner with extraordinary companies to connect Rural Women with tools – that we trust (and use ourselves) to help you on your journey.

Essential Oils

We have witnessed first hand the almost immediate impact essential oils can have on someone’s mood, state and overall well-being; as well as seeing how incredible the longer term use of high quality essential oils can be for someone. Whether it be supporting immunity, lifting mood, calming nerves or healing wounds, essential oils can help the human experience enormously.

The sense of smell helps us connect at a very emotional level and can be a powerful trigger.

We have partnered with Doterra, a highly reputable company, that sources the best quality oils from across the world and achieves the highest standards available. Many of their oils are also indigestible, which is great for people who are keen cooks or who are touch or smell sensitive but who want the benefit the oils can provide.

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Daily Greatness Journals

Committing pen to paper is still one of the most powerful and live evolving practices you can create in your life. These journals are excellent tools to give a framework and a structure to allow you to manifest all that you desire – to track your progress in life, keep you on track and to enable Thriving, Healing, Evolving.

There is something very rewarding about looking back and realizing how far you have come…and then having a powerful sensory tool that keeps you moving forward in increments, feeling well supported. These journals, whichever you choose, are a fantastic ‘ touch’  tool!

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