Thursday , 19 October 2017

Podcast – Cashing In On Confidence with Kirsty Dunphey

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks Real Estate Investor, Author & Mum, Kirsty Dunphey about Cashing in On Confidence.Kisrty Dunphey Pic

They explore questions including:


  1. Today we are talking about confidence, particularly in regards to finances and cashflow freedom – so what does the virtue of confidence mean for you?
  2. Your passion is empowering people to create pathways for financial freedom, how have you seen confidence help or hinder people in this process?
  3. What holds rural people back from true confidence to ‘have it all’, retire young, make a life they choose..have financial freedom?
  4. How do you recognise pure confidence when you come across it? What qualities does a truly confident person have?
  5. How do you cultivate confidence in the area of money and investment? What steps can people take?
  6. How have you applied confidence in your life? How has it helped you succeed?
  7. What tools for confidence do you recommend?



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About Rebel Black

Rebel Black
In 2011 Rebel Black was named as one of the Top 10 Young And Influential People in Australia. She has a background in entrepreneurship, community development, consulting, journalism and rural/regional development. Rebel has successfully operated and launched 3 award winning businesses from the opal fields of Lightning Ridge, outback NSW and THE RW is her fourth and most exciting entrepreneurial development.
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