Thursday , 19 October 2017


Patience – By Sharon Richens

In our world of instant gratification, patience is becoming an attribute that many are struggling with, even losing sight of. Our lifestyle has become so so “instant”. We have become conditioned to finding what we want, when we want it without sometimes thinking about the why. Today’s working world is FULL of stimulation. Ten years ago, we would leave work ... Read More »

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


As I walked down the road to start my run this morning, thinking about patience, because that’s the virtue this month and I am always chewing on it…and just then, just after I had witnessed a magnificent shooting star, the thought popped into my head… “good things come to those who wait” Pow. Patience in a nutshell…but also, I think, ... Read More »

Podcast – Applying Patience In Creating Change – with Fiona Branch

Podcast Image - Patience with Fiona Branch

In this edition of Connection & Conversation, THE Rural Woman founder Rebel Black speaks with THE Rural Woman Member, Fiona Branch, on Applying Patience in Creating Change. They explore questions, including: What does patience mean for you? How has it challenged you? How has it helped you? How does the virtue patience help us to create change? Can patience stop ... Read More »

Practicing Patience

I am never surprised anymore when the universe delivers me the exact medicine I need at the perfect timing; it’s just how it is when you are aware! But this past weekend has to have been one of the most powerful evidence of this yet. I have been interested in the way of the Shaman for a while and so ... Read More »

The Virtue of PATIENCE By Susan Whelan

patience hourglass

Patience – the art of slowing down and being in the moment. Who’s got time for that…. Don’t you find that Patience is like that elusive elixir that people search for and would love to have, yet nowadays it seems even scarcer to find. To understand and unlock the gifts of Patience let’s spend a little time with its shadowy ... Read More »

Books to Explore Patience

Books to help explore patience

Meditation Coloring Book Wonderful Images to Melt Your Worries Away By Patience Coster Coloring is a useful relaxation technique which helps you enter a freer state of being. “The Meditation Coloring Book” contains a mass of mandalas and other abstract images to soothe the mind and please the senses. It is designed to take you to that peaceful place where ... Read More »

Not Again! By Louise Plant

patience wait your turn

“I can’t do this again.” I told myself. I was eight months pregnant with my third child and still living in abloody tin shed. This made five children in total all lined up in their bunk beds like they were living in a dorm room. I was living in the West Australian bush, so it was stinking hot in a ... Read More »

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