Thursday , 19 October 2017


Podcast – Being open to the meaning we make – with Nikki Thompson

Podcast Openness Nikki Thompson

In this edition of Connections and Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Nikki Thompson on Openness and being open to the meaning we make. They explore questions including: * what is openness? * how does being open influence the outcomes in our lives? * why do we resist or fear being open and what strategies can we use ... Read More »

Shearing Sheds & Focused Goals!

Hanging ON

I grew up in shearing sheds. It was one of my first paid jobs – rousabouting in the school holidays in our family shed. In my mind it was 2-3 weeks of sheer bliss of satisfying and intense hard work, of daily routine…and of course, income in a big hit! As an introvert I wonder if it was the total ... Read More »

Quitting Multitasking – Openness To Focus

multitasking pic

I am a self-proclaimed multi-tasking queen….25 tabs open in the browser at any one time, three different jobs on the go, multiple businesses happening in sync and the ability to talk on the phone while washing up, with music in the background and dinner on the go. Can you relate? It’s been the woman’s domain to be up on that productivity ... Read More »

The Role of Women in Rural Lifestyle Development Strengthening Cultural Heritage by MİRAS

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage was established on 6th January and based in Azerbaijan. Basic purpose is to assist in study, protection and promotion of cultural heritage.  Organization implements project “The Role of Women in Rural Lifestyle Development”. On 20-26 June, 2016 MIRAS completed research stage of in Gagali, Bijo and Gashad villages of Agsu region of Azerbaijan. The ... Read More »

Openness To Letting Go

This month we explore the virtue of Openness…and in our Members HUB there’s lots of great resources and discussions happening about openness to all sorts of things including sex, the brain/vagina connection, divinity, trust and faith, but today I want to talk about the openness to Letting Go! Hoarding. Controlling. Never Spending. Not quitting. Being afraid of the future. These ... Read More »

Open the mind and miracles occur – By Jean Sheehan

My favourite affirmation or saying is ‘I don’t know how, but it will work out’.   In practising this simple mantra,  my mind becomes open to all possibilities and miracles appear on a frequent basis.    So why does this happen? . Let’s explore. Sometimes in life we can be closed minded to opportunities, circumstances and events.  It is as if we ... Read More »

Books to Explore Openness

Naked Intimacy: How to increase true openness in your relationship By Joel D Block PHD One of America’s foremost couples therapists offers expert advice on rekindling relationships through “naked intimacy” “Naked Intimacy “is for everyone who yearns for an intimate relationship and wonders why it seems so elusive. It is for couples who are experiencing emptiness and loneliness in their ... Read More »

Openness….What does it really mean to be open By Susan Whelan

To be open refers to the ability of having an open heart and consciousness where Qi (lifeforce) and Information are able to flow freely, unimpeded by anything and everything that is detrimental to that natural flow. It also refers to the state of Qi (Lifeforce) & Information which is already present within our beings. When our state of openness is in a healthy ... Read More »

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