Thursday , 19 October 2017


Podcast #4 – I Love Being A Rural Woman with Fleur McDonald

Podcast Template - Fleur McDonald

Hello and welcome to episode 4 of I Love Being a Rural Woman; inspiring and uplifting conversations with down to earth and totally fantastic rural women! My name’s Rebel Black and today I’m joined by Fleur McDonald; described as the ‘voice of the outback’ Fleur has lived and worked in rural Australia for most of her life. She enjoys writing ... Read More »

Podcast #5 – I Love Being a Rural Woman – with Philipa Rumble

Podcast Template - Pip Rumble

In this edition of I Love Being a Rural Woman, THE Rural Woman Founder, Rebel Black talks with, Young Rural Women’s Muster participant, Philipa Rumble from Mullewa, WA. They explore questions including:  – Tell me a bit about your life; what’s a day like for you?  – What are some of the challenges you face each day as a rural ... Read More »

Podcast – The Simplicity Of Buying Nothing New With Tamara Di Mattina

simplicity of buying nothing new connections and conversations

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks to Tamara Di Mattina about Simplicity and Buy Nothing New Month. They explore questions including: The Simplicity of Buying Nothing New – how did ‘buy nothing new month get started’ – what’s your personal journey the simplicity of not always buying new things – is not ... Read More »

The Simplicity Of Buying Nothing New!

Buy Nothing New A1

  The global movement for collective, conscious consumption started in Melbourne, and spread across the world, with pledgers from Newtown to New York, South Africa to South America. Good for us, our wallets our people and our planet, Buy Nothing New Month it’s easy, creative, fun and free. Sydney Morning Herald Business section ran a poll asking “is Buy Nothing ... Read More »

Festival of THE Rural Woman

festival postcard

Festival of THE Rural Woman is a completely FREE Annual Global Online Event celebrating, inspiring and empowering  (THE) Thriving, Healing, Evolving rural women of the world! Run just like a face-to-face festival and completely online, we are inviting a stunningly diverse line up of rural women speakers, artists, entrepreneurs, healers, activists, farmers, community advocates, social change makers, creatives, practitioners, innovators ... Read More »

Avoiding The Shoulda Woulda Coulda


Some time ago I was asked how I manage to stay on top of so many activities and not burn out, and I answered that I aim for what I call “balanced busy”. Let me explain…. We cannot add more time to our days or our weeks; fact. We can, however, be much more selective around the activities with which ... Read More »

Can We Be Generous In Our Duty Of Care?


According to Wikipedia, Generosity means: “The art if giving without expecting anything in return. It can relate to money, time, or goods”. Other words implied by generosity include; abundance, plentiful, copious, amplitude, lavishness, infinity or opulence. I learnt through NLP that ‘Giving without expectation is the True art of Giving”. “ Giving with an expectation is Trading”. So in that ... Read More »

A Farm Girls Journey To Revolutionise Women’s Workwear


On trips to the local co-op store to buy supplies for the operation of our dairy farm, dad would also buy new workwear for himself, which included dark green shorts and overalls. I would follow my dad everywhere on the farm and of course wanted to do everything he did. So when we were at the co-op and I asked ... Read More »

Defining THE


The unfolding of THE Rural Woman has been, for both of us, an outward representation of the inward journey we are undertaking. The business and all it stands for encompasses all our desires, our struggles, our dreams and aspirations and our deepest fears. Within the framework of THE Rural Woman we have been able, both individually and collaboratively, to genuinely ... Read More »

Are You Worth It?


You are worth it! Running really is changing women’s lives. Like so many other women out there, I juggle many ‘hats’ and I’ll be honest: it’s exhausting trying to keep everyone around me happy and cared for. That’s the truth in a nutshell. I am no Superwoman. I decided, 13 years ago, that I needed to do something that was ... Read More »

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