Thursday , 19 October 2017

Health & Wellbeing

Podcast – Systems for Connection with Kim Deans

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In this edition of Connections and Conversations THE Rural Woman Founder, Rebel Black, talks with Kim Deans, Land services officer Northern Tablelands. They explore questions including: Today we are talking systems for connection – how do you understand systems in life and what value do systems bring us in our desire for connection? Your passion is inspiring interconnectedness between humans ... Read More »

Truthful Baseline

If you don’t know where you are, how can you know where you are going? I began the year 2016 with a focus on fitness, fat loss and learning the truth of performance and progress. Somewhere along the way I forgot (again) the learnings of January/February which was “What gets measured improves” Robin Sharma.  Each day I was running or doing ... Read More »

Books For Understanding

Books to explore Understanding

Undersatnding Exposure by Bryan Peterson With more than 350,000 copies sold, Understanding Exposure has demystified the complex concepts of exposure for countless photographers. Now updated with current technologies, more than one hundred new images, and an all-new chapter, this new edition will inspire you more than ever to free yourself from “auto” and create the pictures you truly want. In ... Read More »

Is It Really The Truth?

Truthfulness. This is a fascinating word. From the onset it seems so straight forward. Just tell the truth. Tell what really is going on for you or what really happened to you. The Macquarie Dictionary says that ‘Truthfulness’ is conforming to truth, corresponding with reality, as a representation. It goes on to add that ‘Truth’ is conforming to fact or ... Read More »

The Peril and Power of Seeing Clearly


Every two years I need a new pair of glasses.  I am now at that time again, and any day my new glasses will arrive in the post. When I put them on and look in the mirror or look at my children or at my house or at my spouse and my parents I’m going to be looking not ... Read More »

Podcast – The Simplicity Of Buying Nothing New With Tamara Di Mattina

simplicity of buying nothing new connections and conversations

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks to Tamara Di Mattina about Simplicity and Buy Nothing New Month. They explore questions including: The Simplicity of Buying Nothing New – how did ‘buy nothing new month get started’ – what’s your personal journey the simplicity of not always buying new things – is not ... Read More »

The Simplicity Of Coming Home

As I sit here, surrounded by boxes and bags of belongings still waiting to be unpacked, it feels a tad fraudulent to be writing about simplicity, but I will – because the quest for a simpler life is the reason these bags were packed. Two years ago I was sitting at my new desk, in my coveted new role in ... Read More »

Podcast – Simplifying Parenting with Jo Jackson King

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In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks to best selling author and inspiring rural woman Jo Jackson King about the Simplicity of Parenting. They explore questions including: Simplifying Parenting – what does simplicity mean to you? – how do you apply simplicity in areas of your life? – they always say there is ... Read More »

Podcast – Simplifying Financial Prosperity With Dianna Jacobsen

simplifying prosperity connections and conversations

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks Simplifying Financial Prosperity with Dianna Jacobsen from Shine at Life – a financial ‘genie’ as Rebel says!  They explore questions including: – you have been working in the financial arena for many years – what do you see as the most common and most impactful gap ... Read More »

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