Thursday , 19 October 2017

Growing You

Podcast #3 – I Love Being A Rural Woman with Julia Telford

Podcast Template - Julia Telford

Hello and welcome to episode 3 of I Love Being a Rural Woman; inspiring and uplifting conversations with down to earth and totally fantastic rural women! My name’s Rebel Black and today I’m joined by Julia Telford; the CEO of Engage and Create Consulting based in Goondiwindi Julia’s is a proud rural women whose passion is empowering businesses, community groups ... Read More »

Podcast #5 – I Love Being a Rural Woman – with Philipa Rumble

Podcast Template - Pip Rumble

In this edition of I Love Being a Rural Woman, THE Rural Woman Founder, Rebel Black talks with, Young Rural Women’s Muster participant, Philipa Rumble from Mullewa, WA. They explore questions including:  – Tell me a bit about your life; what’s a day like for you?  – What are some of the challenges you face each day as a rural ... Read More »

Full Bloom Mastermind Program

Full Bloom Mastermind Program 6th June – 28th February 2016 Business, Leadership & Personal Mastery Full Bloom is THE Rural Woman’s flagship 9 month Mastermind program specifically focused on empowering evolutionary personal, leadership and business transformation for rural women.   With an underlying focus on self-development and healing to evolve, this is a unique program that takes the rural woman on ... Read More »

Books To Explore Forgiveness

Books to explore forgiveness

My People’s Dreaming by Max Dulumunum A rare, personal insight into the traditional teachings of an elder of the Yuin people (South Coast, NSW). ′Uncle′ Max, as he is widely known, has been sharing his cultural knowledge for over 30 years – in that time taking more than 6000 people from all walks of life onto country and explaining Aboriginal ... Read More »

Books For Understanding

Books to explore Understanding

Undersatnding Exposure by Bryan Peterson With more than 350,000 copies sold, Understanding Exposure has demystified the complex concepts of exposure for countless photographers. Now updated with current technologies, more than one hundred new images, and an all-new chapter, this new edition will inspire you more than ever to free yourself from “auto” and create the pictures you truly want. In ... Read More »

Is It Really The Truth?

Truthfulness. This is a fascinating word. From the onset it seems so straight forward. Just tell the truth. Tell what really is going on for you or what really happened to you. The Macquarie Dictionary says that ‘Truthfulness’ is conforming to truth, corresponding with reality, as a representation. It goes on to add that ‘Truth’ is conforming to fact or ... Read More »

The Peril and Power of Seeing Clearly


Every two years I need a new pair of glasses.  I am now at that time again, and any day my new glasses will arrive in the post. When I put them on and look in the mirror or look at my children or at my house or at my spouse and my parents I’m going to be looking not ... Read More »

I’m Grateful There Are Smarter People Than Me #datadrought

I try not to watch the news too much, it sets me in a bad mindset for the day, but I just happened to catch a glimpse the other morning, of the new NBN Sky Muster going live into the sky and I immediately thought: “I am so grateful there are people out there smarter than me making this stuff happen so I ... Read More »

Podcast – Acceptance In Life And Wine With Nicky Parish

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Nicky Parish about Acceptance In Life And Wine. They explore questions including: – what do you think acceptance is? – in wine making how do you apply – or ‘lean into’ acceptance – what do you find most difficult to accept; but perhaps most need to? (in ... Read More »

The R Word: Mis-purposed, Misleading and Making Our Kids Miserable

resilience acceptance

Don’t ask me how I managed this particular parenting fail. It was bought to my attention when our school principal called me. “There’s a school bike ride next Monday.” “Yes?” I said.  I had read the timetable for the school camp to be held the following week. “Rafi has just told his teacher he can’t ride a bike,” she said, ... Read More »

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