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Full Bloom Mastermind Program

Full Bloom Mastermind Program

6th June – 28th February 2016

Business, Leadership & Personal Mastery

Full Bloom is THE Rural Woman’s flagship 9 month Mastermind program specifically focused on empowering evolutionary personal, leadership and business transformation for rural women.  

With an underlying focus on self-development and healing to evolve, this is a unique program that takes the rural woman on a journey through deep self-awareness, un-becoming to awakening. This program draws on the unique gifts of each of 9 of THE Rural Woman Coaches, unlocking potential for the rural woman in ways that has not yet been seen in the business world. This is NOT your typical leadership or business development program. With a focus on energy and belief, emotional intelligence, mindset and healing this is a truly unique and life-changing experience.

Full Bloom has just 1 intake each year in June and has limited places Apply HERE


To empower successful rural women with a network and a strong framework for personal, business and leadership mastery. Our aim is to create the pathways for them to expand their businesses and leadership contribution while deepening their experience of living a great life. The vision of Full Bloom is that rural women are ‘blooming where they are planted’.


An intensive experiential 9 month personal, business & leadership development program specifically designed for rural women. Delivered by 9 exceptional rural women coaches primarily online through webinars, podcasts, live Q&A calls and online discussion forums PLUS 2 x 3 day face to face THE-Treats in Coffs Harbour NSW and Lightning Ridge NSW.

Participation in Full Bloom will ensure exponential outcomes for rural women in business, leadership and personal development through the exploration of key themes including authenticity, resonance, decision making, life harmony, clarity, communication, connection, confidence, strategy,and direction.

By creating a uniquely collaborative and multi-sensory shared experience, Full Bloom encourages participants to self-explore, be masters in their own lives and connect with like minded rural women to develop deep and lasting support networks.


It is our intention that Rural Women who participate in Full Bloom will get what they came for; whether that be an improved understanding of themselves, business growth and expansion, achievement of new leadership roles, peace in their relationships or a sense of calm in their lives – or all of these things!

We asked our Coaches what they knew the outcomes for participants would be as a result of working closely with themand here is what they shared:

  • Discovering the path of least resistance.
  • Intention setting – clarity and purpose
  • Simple tools for awareness raising & personal understanding
  • Letting go of unproductive busyness and plugging into potent and impacting flow.
  • Awaken – get off autopilot
  • Integrate – internal coherence
  • Authenticate – rediscovering the ‘real you’ and letting go of the addictive old patterns
  • Connect – find your soul mates
  • Co-create – the feminine way to ‘get shit done’
  • A deep understanding of your unique soul and how best to feed it
  • Connection to and alignment of your individual essence and the soul of your business
  • Exposure to creative modalities that enable you to express yourself with consistency and clarity
  • Mechanisms to enable it to be safe to be curious.
  • Confidence in your choices to do less and be more
  • Allowing yourself to feel the spiritual adventurer within
  • An understanding of how your thoughts are creating unwanted patterns
  • Strategies for unearthing the inner thought process and shifting it
  • Connecting with mother earth to aide your own healing
  • Harnessing your energy for conscious creation
  • Adding movement and food to your mastery plan
  • What is your zone of genius
  • How do you maximse staying in your zone
  • Personal mastery map
  • Unlock the WEALTHY you!
  • Financial strategy
  • Business growth (turnover, time, team, talk)
  • Magnetic communication
  • Life Balance – create your life of freedom and success!
  • Simple steps to assess and take strategic action
  • Planning tools to support a work/life harmony
  • Strategies to systemise your business so you can create more time and space in your life
  • Get a full life view that will enable you to make tweaks in one area that unlocks flow in all
  • Ways to see the lessons in nature and apply them to your business or life
  • Improve leadership and see results in the real world through those you lead
  • The courage to see yourself as leader
  • Strategies to inspire change in others
  • How to show up as you – true authentic leadership
  • How to shift your own energetic state to change and outcome
  • Theme-building – Learn how to build your story around a central ‘theme’ – discover what to include and what to leave out.
  • Engage your readers -Structure your story and make an emotional connection with readers by writing in ‘scenes’ – the best way to really engage your audience and create lively, engaging copy.
  • Speak in an authentic voice -Find the courage to be vulnerable, and learn the techniques to tell your own authentic story – your readers will love you for it.
  • Share your story

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THE Program

June  2016

THE Foundations & Awareness- be the change you want to see in the world

There are some foundational principles of change and evolution that we want you to know about before we get started! We also want to give you the strategies to unearth the limiting patterns, stories and programs you have been living by and set your intention for new ones. Often we are very clear on what we don’t want and we are way less clear on what you do. We will help you understand and release of the old to make way for the new.

July 2016

Deep Understandingyour true self

Understand your biology and your individual operating system so you can tune into your personal defaults, understand how you are wired and make meaning of life. Using powerful assessment tools we will help you understand how you use your head, heart and gut brain.

We want you to understand your uniqueness and what you are here to offer the unique ecosystem you are planted in.

August 2016

Living From Your Soul – do less and be more

There is power ​and freedom ​in the art of less is more, but we resist this because we don’t know what to include and what to leave out.  The answer lies in being able to hear and speak the language of the soul.

September 2016

Personal Power harnessing your personal powerhouse

Coming from nowhere to now- Quantum physics has proven that your thoughts have the energetic power to create the reality of your world. Science understands that we are all energetic beings; but often the only time we notice our energy level is when it is depleted.  We concentrate on the lack of energy….and via our focus on it, we create more of the same.

As it is fundamental to our being, we want you to really understand how to change your thoughts instantly and how to positively impact on your own energy levels.  We teach you how to break your patterns of thinking and how to connect with and utilise the abundant and infinite giver of energy – mother earth.

Our thoughts impact our energy and our energy impacts the choices we make, ergo if we shift our thoughts, we can become conscious creators and choose a life where we get to explore the desired expression of our soul.

October 2016

Personal Mastery – you can only change yourself

When you are on, you are on – it’s that simple. What is your zone of genius? When are you creating at your peak; when are you really in your mastery.

We will help you identify what your peak performance is so you can find your way there quickly when you need it – and live there longer so you can achieve the results in your life that you truly desire.

November 2016

Being Magneticapplying an attraction model to life and letting go of hustle and fight

Everything in life is so much sweeter when it just flows – when you are attracting the very thing in your life that you truly desire, rather than having to chase or hunt or hustle for it.

We help you apply the concept of magnetism to all areas of your life and give you tools that have worked time and time again; whether it be in marketing, looking for love or attracting the ideal team member.

December  2016

A System Approach embracing your life as a system

Systems are everywhere we look – but we get so blindsided by the vision or the detail that we often can’t see the beauty of it. In many ways, we have allowed the system to be our scapegoat in not achieving what we truly desire; and so it becomes a self allowed limit. But nature teaches us the most amazing and perfectly functional system, so we look to her for our inspiration and how to apply what already exists into our own life.

January 2017

The Whole Youyou are one person; living in integrity

We live and die by the stories we tell. We explore the notion of authenticity, credibility, being seen and taking responsibility for who we are, the stories we tell and how we show up in the world. When we know ourselves, we know our world.  When we understand our world, we can change our world and inspire others to do the same.


Tell your storyexpress the authenticity of who you are

Whether it’s expressing your ‘why’ on your business ‘about’ page or penning a memoir for your family or the wider world, you’ll learn the formula for colourful story- telling that engages audiences. You’ll finish with a complete short story about you and/or your business, or a solid outline and start for a longer manuscript.

February 2017

Lead With Light working from within 

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Leadership is not a thing you do it’s who you are. If we stop seeing leadership as a role and start seeing it as the outcome of personal mastery, perhaps we will achieve a more authentic leadership.

We explore the notion of resonance – what does it mean to be 100% you, regardless of the situation or circumstance you find yourself in. It takes courage to lead this way, are you brave?

Framework for Delivery

The Framework

Email support with 48hr turnaround (i.e. email as many questions as desired and the team will respond 48hrs)
Mastermind Living Room Sessions (online 1/ month) A space where you can explore the big questions of life with your fellow Rural Woman. Ask the questions you couldn’t ask anywhere else and enjoy the dialogue. Receive learnings from others as they ask too.
Monthly Coaching Calls – (online 1/ month) this is the ‘workshop’ space where you can seek support or advice for any specific issue you are facing.  
Dedicated Private Forum – moderated and actively supported by team. If team can’t answer you call in experts
Specific Modules of Content – each of our coaches will provide training in their area of expertise and will be available for Q&A and support. There will also be video and downloadable material available in THE HUB online.
THE-Treats – we create comfort zone stretching, nurturing spaces for you to come together in a single location to dig deep. To try new things. To be looked after and have your senses and your soul nourished deeply. We will create safety so you can explore your boundaries and release and let go of limiting paradigms.

JUNE 24th, 25th, 26th – Coffs Harbour

SEPTEMBER 10th, 11th, 12th – Lightning Ridge

1:1 Coaching/Healing as required – we have left enough ‘space’ in this program to allow for specific individual healing and coaching as needed. We will draw on the rural women team to provide the ideal support.

Recommended Reading – other people’s work can change your life, there is no doubt about it and so, we provide a monthly recommended reading so you can further explore the ideas and processes we are exposing you to.


We are bringing the DREAM TEAM to the table to inspire THE FULL BLOOM for you.

This is the most extraordinary group of talented rural women to guide you and it’s important to know that our entire team are deeply passionate about thriving, healing and evolving and are ‘works in progress’. There is no perfection expected or given here. Excellence for sure, but we are all humble human beings all still questing for our best lives possible. We fall and fail and we rise again..just like you!

Rebel Black THE Human AgronomistRebel Black

Rebel’s gift is in creating the crucible and so she brings Full Bloom to bear by building the space in which we can all thrive, heal and evolve. Rebel is an entrepreneur and innovator and has bloomed several successful businesses in Outback Australia, including THE Rural Woman. She is a coach and healer and has the ability to ask the right question at the right time. She will challenge you and hold you to account at the same time as being generous with her love and nurturing embrace.



Cert IV TTAA Cert IV Food Coach Cert IV Community Development Diploma Forensic Healing MBTI Facilitator


Emma Priestly THE Soul MagicianEM

Emma’s gift is the ability to allow the space for activation to occur for women; allow to feel their soul’s calling and encourage it to awaken and rise to the surface. She works with energy and effective and fast mindset tools. As a successful business woman she is also able to empower rural women in an understand of connection and networking to deliver great business outcomes.



NLP Practitioner, Realm Reader

Nikki Thompson THE  Creative Connectornikki thompson2

Nikki has a deep insight and wisdom that can only come from someone who researches, studies and knows people better than they know themselves. She brings an extraordinary toolkit that spans the breadth from the physicality of change to emotional and spiritual intelligence, personality and leadership styles. Nikki is a wise sage and holds the space perfectly for the deep questions that probe, challenge and finally unlock the truth of a person or a situation. She knows she is here to help others know themselves and realise they are just where they need to be – or help them find their path to connect with others on the journey of co-creativity.



Bachelor of Physiotherapy Post Graduate Certificate in Neuroleadership Interpersonal Neurobiology Training Focus Leadership FEBI Certified Deep Change SQI Certified Positive Parenting Training.

Phoebe Maroulis THE Soul Nutritionistphoebemaroulis

Phoebe is a visionary; a person who provides an invitation to create new outcomes using curiosity and creativity, to find the most aligned next step.  Phoebe has stood on stage as a partner in a BRW Fastest 100 business and is equally at home exploring the ​wonders  of nature with her kids. ​She  is gifted in challenging the paradigm you exist in right now and is always up for the uncomfortable conversation that you didn’t want but are glad you had.  ​Phoebe  delights in sharing using the language of the soul to help you ​live in flow with life, to ​heal and evolve.



BA Industrial Design & BA Commerce

Gabe Morahan –THE  Spiritual Adventurergabemorahan

Gabe is a true soul adventurer and is passionate about connecting women to places and journeys as yet unknown – both in their inner and outer world! Having adventured and led adventures the world over, she understands the true power travel, connection and nature has to reconnect us to ourselves. As a trained healer and intuitive guide, Gabe is ready to help you release your soul’s true expression.



BA Youth Work Reiki Level 1 Masters in Theta Healing Certificate of Science in Theta Healing

Christy Cotroneo THE Wellbeing WarriorCCotroneo Image

Christy is an exuberant, deeply passionate and caring wellbeing warrior! She understands how women tick, what they need in order to create the healthy lives they desire and has a canny ability to meet women where they are at and still stretch their beliefs around what is possible with their body.



Diploma Personal Training

Dianna Jacobsen THE Wealth CreatorDianna Jacobsen Low Res Headshots-6

Dianna has the perfect mix of financial pragmatism and deep human understanding; she is an accountant, financial planner, and specialist in mindset and mindpower, and has many years experience in helping people unravel the emotional attachment to money so they can live wealthy and free. She is a guide, not a guru and is a humble and gentle soul who wants the best for everyone she connects with



B.Bus(Acc), CPA, DipFS(FP), Cert IV (Couns)

Shayne MillerTHE StrategistShayne Professional Profile

Shayne has managed multi-million dollar budgets, has worked with hundreds of small business owners to scale, strategise and generate profit and that’s great; it means she can help you do the metrics, map the strategy and make it happen BUT she is also deeply intuitive. She understands human nature, she is a living breathing example of a rural woman who is healing, evolving and thriving. She cares, deeply and she gets you…like you don’t even get yourself!

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy Cert IV WHS BA Commerce BA Arts Financial Services


Samille Mitchell – THE Storytellersamille

Samille believes in the magic of story and it’s ability to change the world. As a career journalist she has a passion for helping women discover and share their authentic voice and story in powerful and creative ways. As the founder of Inspired magazine Samille brings fresh eyes to the ability of the media to excite people with possibility and inspire them with awe. She will help you unleash your story – your own brand of magic into the world.



BA Arts Journalism 


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About Rebel Black

Rebel Black
In 2011 Rebel Black was named as one of the Top 10 Young And Influential People in Australia. She has a background in entrepreneurship, community development, consulting, journalism and rural/regional development. Rebel has successfully operated and launched 3 award winning businesses from the opal fields of Lightning Ridge, outback NSW and THE RW is her fourth and most exciting entrepreneurial development.
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