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Do you want to feature on the best site for rural women on the www?

THE RW is always looking for new contributors!

What are we after?

Our mission is to provide articles and features for thriving, healing, evolving (THE) rural women that will motivate, inspire, educate and empower them in their daily lives, community, businesses and workplaces. Our ambition is that they will bloom where they are planted!

We connect with rural women who want to make a difference in their communities and the world and we want to support them to do that. We are also passionate about connecting you and your wisdom with our community so we want FRESH – we don’t want done-to-death, over-done or done forever; we are looking for articles that stimulate conversation, challenge conventional thinking, enhance and empower and that educate from a new perspective.

We are looking for articles that reflect both a perspective and a story, a learning or advice.

Articles between 500-1000 words that meet all these criteria will be LOVED by us and our readers and we can’t wait to publish it!

If you would like to make a regular contribution (monthly) – that would be awesome too!

Article Requirements

For an article to be considered and appear on the website the work must:

  • Be original – we will check (unless we have an existing agreement with you to republish your work)
  • Contain information, references and quotes from validated sources
  • Be provided in a Word document
  • Full disclosure for companies or entities you have a vested interest in
  • Be no longer than 1000 words
  • Links should be provided in full (eg rather than as embedded hyperlinks
  • If your article is published we will include you with your own ‘authors’ space so please provide a brief biography, a link to your website and any social media profiles you want listed and a small headshot


Provide a suitable image (JPEG, compressed for Web) for your work  (alternatively we will provide an image to use)

In exchange for your awesome article contributions we will supply the following:

  • The article will appear as a stand-alone page in the website and will be directed by a link on our FEATURES or ‘Related Articles’ box on the relevant web page
  • Your byline will appear on the article
  • A hyperlink to your website (please provide) will appear on your byline
  • A bio and image will appear on our contributors page
  • The article/blog contribution will be promoted through our social media
  • You have full access to promote your work on the site

If you are interested in contributing; please email admin at


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