Thursday , 19 October 2017

Self Love

Why I Run


On my 34th birthday I called my Mum early in the morning, just after my husband had left for work, to come and get me because I knew if I was left alone too long, was going to harm myself. I was finally at rock bottom but I was sound enough to know that I had to reach out and ask ... Read More »

Revenge of the Gut


Surely ok is good enough isn’t it?  I mean, I have had a bit of a rough life.  Twins is a big call and remember how much attention you got when I was stretched so far you couldn’t see your toes?  Full of baby, full of life.  You patted me, tenderly rubbed stretch cream into me and dreamt of the ... Read More »

Salt Of The Earth; What About Salts For A Bath

salt of the earth

My family and I spent 13 wonderful years in Barcaldine, a small county town, located in Central West Queensland and it would have to have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. The friends I made during our time out west still remain my closest, with one being as close as any sister could be, and two ... Read More »

Lifes Threads Forgiveness, Understanding and Acceptance

Threads of Life

Recently I was able to create a magic space for myself to be alone.  Away from family and friends, and deliciously, (but with a tremendous amount of angst over how I would cope), away from phone and internet.  For 18 hours it was just me and my thoughts, sitting by the river, watching the pelicans feed, without interruption, without the need ... Read More »

5 Simple Steps to bring Silence into Your Life

Silence creates peace

All these random sounds of daily living – the machines, gadgets and people around us – they get in the way of our calm! They disrupt our peace of mind, make it difficult to concentrate, mess with our flow and put ‘bristles’ in our energy fields! And this happens day after day after day after day after….. (you get the ... Read More »

Sometimes You Have To Ask the Tough Question AND Listen


We all know what health and wellbeing is about don’t we? Eating good wholesome foods, getting plenty of exercise and controlling our weight. There is one that often gets overlooked. Being mentally healthy. While TheRW is about positivity, this article probably isn’t. A major issue in rural Australia is suicide. Recently I had a conversation about this topic with a ... Read More »

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