Thursday , 19 October 2017


Talking yourself into being more confident By Domini Stuart

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It’s hard to imagine that we can sap or build our confidence simply by talking to ourselves – but think for a moment about the impact talking can have on other people.   For instance, imagine that a little girl called Mary has just started school. She is as happy and enthusiastic as any other five year old but, for ... Read More »

Confidence by Michelle Watson

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This month’s powerful topic that we have the privilege to share on, is The Virtue of Confidence, one of the attributes that I believe is necessary to assist any individual in achieving success. I do believe that it was Helen Keller who once said that “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and ... Read More »

Is your fear the Boogey-Man by Liz Barralon

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Have you seen the Rise of the Guardians? It’s a great kids movie about believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, The Sandman and Jack Frost. But it also features the Bogey-Man. When the children believe in one of the characters, they have the ability to see that character. The story is about the woes of Jack Frost ... Read More »

The confidence path by Duda Jadrijevic

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Self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. I know I’m stating the obvious but hang in there. As with everything we learnt in this society, we haven’t got the full information. We learnt to perform well in school, in relationships, in our statues, finances and so on. In order to that we have ... Read More »

Books to Explore Confidence


Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world’s most widely used drawing instruction book. Whether you are a professional, a student or enjoy art as a hobby it provides a different way of seeing. Discover greater confidence and a deeper artistic perception of the world around ... Read More »

Podcast – Cashing In On Confidence with Kirsty Dunphey

Podcast - Cashing In On Confidence with Kirsty Dunphey

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks Real Estate Investor, Author & Mum, Kirsty Dunphey about Cashing in On Confidence. They explore questions including:   Today we are talking about confidence, particularly in regards to finances and cashflow freedom – so what does the virtue of confidence mean for you? Your passion is empowering ... Read More »

Podcast: Rural Women, Confidence & Leadership with Lori McVay

Podcast Lori McVay Generosity

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Lori McVay. They explore questions including: – why did you choose to study and research rural women and in particular rural women in leadership? – what do you think leadership is? – can you provide a brief summary of what you learned through the research? ... Read More »

Full Bloom Mastermind Program

Full Bloom Mastermind Program 6th June – 28th February 2016 Business, Leadership & Personal Mastery Full Bloom is THE Rural Woman’s flagship 9 month Mastermind program specifically focused on empowering evolutionary personal, leadership and business transformation for rural women.   With an underlying focus on self-development and healing to evolve, this is a unique program that takes the rural woman on ... Read More »

One Step To Confidence


In my experience, confidence is not something that you one day wake up with; it’s an evolutionary process and it comes from within. It is not something that someone hands you – like a crown or a trophy, it’s not a badge to wear; it’s not an attainment. It is a becoming. Or, rather it’s an unbecoming. Many of us ... Read More »

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