Tuesday , 21 November 2017

Avoiding The Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Some time ago I was asked how I manage to stay on top of so many activities and not burn out, and I answered that I aim for what I call “balanced busy”.

Let me explain….

We cannot add more time to our days or our weeks; fact.

We can, however, be much more selective around the activities with which we fill our days and weeks.

We can also notice which activities give us energy, and which ones drain our energy, and begin to delegate, outsource, or drop those that are not supportive to us.

Additionally, spend a few minutes considering what your priorities and values in life are: family well-being, financial security, health, relationships, community contribution, environmental issues, housework, and so forth.

This will enable you to then choose what activities are the most important to you, to find time for. Personal well-being should be at the top!

Stop for a moment and think, really think, about how you spend your time. I mean, we are all so busy just doing; doing all the things that ‘need to be done’….. you know, the washing, the cleaning, meeting our familial and societal ‘obligations’, doing what is ‘expected of us’….. but WHY?

Think about it; while it is lovely to have a perfectly spotless home, with everything in it’s place, beyond a point – cleanliness and tidiness notwithstanding – how is that really adding value to anyone’s life? That extra time and energy could be so much better spent in making a difference elsewhere….And, thankfully, my self-esteem is not directly linked to the state of my house!

Therefore, besides managing my home, family and business – which in itself is serving people – I’d prefer to do things that make the world just a little bit better.

There are lots of little things that are easy to include each week, like dropping meals in to the elderly lady down the road, sitting with a sick friend while she undergoes regular dialysis, attending our kids’ activities, being involved in community organisations or the school or church, having a cuppa with someone who is ‘doing it tough’, not to mention whatever you do for your customers, family and friends….

Then there are the bigger tasks of what I call ‘contribution’: our amazing and fulfilling weekends spent volunteering at The Children First Foundation house, teaching at our local community college, hosting a radio show on community radio, holding roles on the school committee, Auskick, Scouts, local hall, etc…

And, most importantly, taking the time to nurture yourself, so you can continue to function at “balanced busy” and still enjoy life to the fullest!

I often hear people comment that they ‘shoulda’, ‘coulda’, ‘woulda’ helped others out more if only they had time!

Make time!

Helping others, either by financial or personal contributions of time, is the most fulfilling thing you can do, and a wonderful trait to instill in your children! And if each of us did just a little for others, how totally amazing would this world become?!

So give some thought to what you really want to contribute to this world, and give yourself permission to turn the priority list upside down, putting ‘help others’, ‘enjoy life’, and ‘connect with people’ nearer to the top, and ‘pointless chores’ further down….

What legacy do you really want to leave?

What is your real purpose in life?


About Rebel Black

Rebel Black
In 2011 Rebel Black was named as one of the Top 10 Young And Influential People in Australia. She has a background in entrepreneurship, community development, consulting, journalism and rural/regional development. Rebel has successfully operated and launched 3 award winning businesses from the opal fields of Lightning Ridge, outback NSW and THE RW is her fourth and most exciting entrepreneurial development.
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