Thursday , 19 October 2017


Books for Simplicity


Simplicity By Edward DeBono From confusing manuals to uninterpretable jargon and bureaucratic red-tape, modern life can be highly complicated and frustrating. For many of us it is almost impossible to make sense of. In Simplicity, lateral-thinking guru Edward de Bono shows us how to bring clarity into our increasingly complicated lives. Through his ten rules of simplicity, he encourages us ... Read More »

Our Body’s Simple Solutions – By Louise Plant

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We have been blessed with bodies that are our vehicles. They carry us through life and provide us with the tools for us to use whilst living here. Our bodies talk to us and once we realise this we can learn ways to listen to our body’s internal language. Many of us are not aware of these signals and signs which ... Read More »

Does the K.I.S.S. Method Really Work In 2016? By Fiona Lindsay

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Ever heard the expression “a cluttered room means a cluttered mind”?  I would even expand on that notion to include a cluttered home, cluttered car, cluttered desk – whatever applies to you.  And I’m betting that some – maybe all – does apply to you.  Despite the fact we live in this world of technology, we still seem to surround ... Read More »

Simplicity – Book of the Month

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The Wisdom of Tuscany by Ferenc Máté Sun-drenched Tuscany is synonymous with the ideal life. But it didn’t happen by chance. Since the Etruscans, the Tuscans have treated their breathtaking countryside with sagacious respect and, in hamlets and hill towns, have built a culture of simplicity, beauty, neighborliness, good food, and a love of daily life. Ferenc Mate, a Tuscan ... Read More »

Podcast – The Science of Simplicity – with Sonia Singh

Podcast - The Science of Simplicity - with Sonia Singh

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Sonia Singh about The Science of Simplicity They explore questions including: What is simplicity for you? How do you apply simplicity in your own life – and in your business? Tree change dolls is such a simple idea, what do you think it is about ... Read More »

Patience – By Sharon Richens

In our world of instant gratification, patience is becoming an attribute that many are struggling with, even losing sight of. Our lifestyle has become so so “instant”. We have become conditioned to finding what we want, when we want it without sometimes thinking about the why. Today’s working world is FULL of stimulation. Ten years ago, we would leave work ... Read More »

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


As I walked down the road to start my run this morning, thinking about patience, because that’s the virtue this month and I am always chewing on it…and just then, just after I had witnessed a magnificent shooting star, the thought popped into my head… “good things come to those who wait” Pow. Patience in a nutshell…but also, I think, ... Read More »

Podcast – Applying Patience In Creating Change – with Fiona Branch

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In this edition of Connection & Conversation, THE Rural Woman founder Rebel Black speaks with THE Rural Woman Member, Fiona Branch, on Applying Patience in Creating Change. They explore questions, including: What does patience mean for you? How has it challenged you? How has it helped you? How does the virtue patience help us to create change? Can patience stop ... Read More »

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