Thursday , 19 October 2017


The Ripple Effect


I stood beside a man yesterday as he told me how he had recently traveled to a friend’s funeral…after I asked if he’d been away recently. He killed himself, he said. It was a shock. He’d been living with this ‘black dog’ thing and I didn’t even know. He was here only a few months before and he was completely ... Read More »

One Step To Confidence


In my experience, confidence is not something that you one day wake up with; it’s an evolutionary process and it comes from within. It is not something that someone hands you – like a crown or a trophy, it’s not a badge to wear; it’s not an attainment. It is a becoming. Or, rather it’s an unbecoming. Many of us ... Read More »

Podcast – Forgiveness & Succession Planning with Ayesha Hilton

Forgiveness & Succession Planning

In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks to Ayesha Hilton about Forgiveness and Succession Planning   They explore questions including: 1. why do you think people avoid the conversation about succession planning? 2. what are we REALLY talking about with succession planning? Is it something deeper? 3. What is a successful succession plan 4. what are ... Read More »

Dear You…and Me

RBlack Home Page

You know when you create something that means so much to you that it feels like a part of you going out into the world…and then you are afraid? What if I put it out there and no-one wants it? What if I put it out there and people judge me? What if I put it out there and nothing ... Read More »

10 Tips To Feel Confident In Your Life


What is confidence? Confidence is sense of self,  and valuing who you feel you are. Many of us suffer from low confidence. Many of us rely on outside factors and influences to rule our lives and  gain confidence by having an important job, lots of relationships, a great car, or money to splash about, However, real positive confidence, free from ... Read More »

WHY Are We Giving Away A Month Of BLOOM?

Are You Ready To Bloom Free 29.2.16

Because we want you to experience what it’s all about. We know that sometimes ‘what we do’ (THE Rural Woman that is) can be a big hazy or a bit fuzzy or a bit perplexing, so we wanted you to have an inside snoop at what it’s all about. We are a very open book. Our mission is clear – ... Read More »

Forgiveness For Drug Free Physical Healing


I shared an amazing afternoon and evening with the ‘birds’ at Birdnest HQ earlier this month; not just an awesome and totally indulgent shopping experience, but a beautiful connection to rural women, working in a rural business blooming where they are planted. Before each of the You Are Enough sessions I always ask people to set their intention and ensure ... Read More »

Are You Finding It Difficult To Forgive Someone?


From the many life experiences we have, forgiveness is probably the most challenging one of all. So what does it really mean to forgive? To forgive is to pardon or excuse an action, experience or circumstance. Therefore, to have forgiveness is to have mercy, compassion and understanding for that action, experience or circumstance. It sounds easy doesn’t it…..but there is ... Read More »

Healing Through Forgiveness After Sticking Your Hand In A Blender


Last night I cut my finger very deeply on the blade of my blender. In what can only be described as ‘haste’ to clean and ‘ridiculous, should have known better’ activity; I had my hand in the bottom of the blender cleaning it….stabbed myself with the very, very sharp blade. It cut deeply, drew blood and hurt. Enter forgiveness. My ... Read More »

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