Tuesday , 21 November 2017

5 Tips to have your body feeling excellent!

Many times people will complain that they are exhausted or need a holiday. They have no energy and just want to STOP what they are doing. They day dream of a picnic in the mountains or walking along the beach and having the waves lap at their feet. These subtle but powerful visions and feelings are the body talking to you so say ‘Stop. I need to rest and I need time to relax.’

So why don’t we just listen to our body? Why do we feel the need to PUSH through and keep going until we are sick? Is it the society we live in? Is the technology world? Or is it we forgot that our body is our temple and the only thing we will even own or that we take our body with us wherever we go?  Often it is only when we become sick that we take notice and look into changing our habits or start to   investigate activities that will hopefully make us feel better.

Let’s investigate 5 tips to have your body feeling excellent.


Sleep is a time your body rests, regenerates and creates new cells in a quiet and relaxed way. Lack of sleep will create fatigue and adrenal exhaustion. Sleep allows the mind and body to create a chemical balance and therefore the body will feel better.

2. Food

The body thrives on unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and alive food. The digestive tract is able to digest food better when food is unprocessed. If you eat meat, ensure it to be organic or hormone free meat. When we digest food, it takes a lot of energy and can have you feeling zapped especially if it is heavy, processed and high carbohydrates. You will have an initial high and then your sugar levels will drop leaving you feeling tired and unable to focus.


Our body is made or 85% – 95% water. We can easily become dehydrated from air conditioning, emotions, and activities such as running around and exercise. When the body is dehydrated it leads to hormonal imbalance, headaches, tiredness, mood changes and constipation. Ensure to have 2 -3 litres of water each day. You can flavour your water with a slice of lemon, orange or strawberry. Always carry a water bottle with you and that way you can drink anytime.


Our bodies were meant to move and keep active. This simple action creates a homeostasis in the body that balances, all chemical reactions, all movement in the body such as the heart valves pumping and balances hormonal production. Exercise of any sort whether it be walking, going to the gym, dance or riding a horse releases endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ that stimulate you feeling great about yourself.

5.Be Creative

Your body thrives when you have a chance to be creative. This might be walking along the beach, baking a cake, writing a poem or even playing with your child. When you are being creative your body will perform in a standard of excellence.

Remember our body is the only thing you will ever own. So treat it with the respect and love it deserves. Your body will thank you.

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About Jean Sheehan

Jean Sheehan
With a background in nursing, pathology, autopsy knowledge, Jean Sheehan is an award winning and internationally recognised Medical intuitive. Her unique systems for adults and children have been taught at QLD University, within Australian Schools and on a global basis. Jean has also been featured in numerous radio, TV and magazine articles. To find out more about how you can work with your body to increase wellness, book your place on one of Jeans popular workshops here
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